Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 332

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After Shaun finished speaking, he picked up his suit jacket and prepared to leave.

“I think you just want him to d*e there so no one can compete with you for Hill Corporation,” Lea said in a sharp tone.

Shaun’s long legs paused and he said quietly, “Think whatever you want.”

“Shaun Hill, my greatest regret is giving birth to you. I should’ve aborted you.”

Lea’s voice sounded from behind.

Shaun entered the elevator directly.

Hadley carefully observed his face. He was unperturbed and expressionless but Hadley knew that currently, it was the calm before the storm.

This happened every time Shaun and Lea met. The two would definitely fight, as though the mother and son were natural enemies.

Hadley sighed in his heart. The madam was too biased.

The driver brought the car over, and Shaun opened the door and got in before driving away himself.

Canberra was large, but it seemed like he had nowhere to go.

He drove to New Metropolis Park.

He opened the door and went in. The spacious mansion was silent with not even a figure present.

He immediately called Catherine. After a few rings, the call was disconnected and he tried again twice more to the same avail.

“Very good.” Shaun looked at the phone, his eyes flooding with a bloodthirsty light.

In the hotel.

Catherine hung up the phone and suddenly shuddered.

With Shaun’s despicable character, would he do something later?

However, after waiting for half a day and not receiving any news from him, she finally dialed the hotel intercom to send dinner over.

At 7:00 p.m. as she got ready to eat dinner, the doorbell suddenly rang with a ding and was kicked open by someone.

Shaun strode over with wide steps and slammed the door with a bang.

“You… How did you get in?” Catherine was startled.

“My company invested in this company.” Shaun threw the key card to the side and approached her step by step. “I thought that you should’ve learned your lesson last night, but it seems that you obviously haven’t.”

His tall shadow fell on her, and his handsome yet dark face made Catherine feel afraid. “I… I wanted to go, but you were the one who sent those photos last night to Wesley. You went too far.”

“I went too far?” Shaun smiled faintly. “I think I’m extremely benevolent for not sending him the photos of what you looked like last night.”

“Shut up!” Catherine turned pale from humiliation.

“Did I say anything wrong? You’re Wesley Lyons’s fiancée, but you held me so tightly yesterday.” Cruel words slipped from Shaun’s beautiful lips. “I think you were just born contemptible. You don’t even know your own limitations yet you want to put up a front…”


Catherine could not bear listening to him any longer and slapped his handsome face.

She was crying tears of anger. Her red eyes were full of hatred and resentment as she looked at him.

It was the same look Lea Hill had given him in the afternoon.

Shaun only felt as if his chest was viciously stabbed.

“You dare hit me?”

His narrowed eyes seemed to belong to the devil.

Catherine subconsciously took two steps back and muttered, “Shaun Hill, you can’t do this to me.”

“Catherine Jones, I’ll no longer show you the slightest ounce of mercy.”

Many years later, when Catherine recalled this night, she could only use one word to describe it: horrifying.