Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 333

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 333

Catherine felt like she had fallen into a terrible abyss that became her worst nightmare…

2:00 a.m.

Shaun snapped out of his rage and what he saw startled himself.

The woman beside him was curled up in a ball of pain. Her face was extremely pale and her lips were bloodless.

“Catherine!” Shaun’s heart thundered.

However, the woman was unresponsive.

Shaun was shocked. He hastily wrapped the woman with the bedsheet before picking her up and rushing to the hospital.

Late at night in the hospital corridor.

Shaun stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows and tried to light a cigarette, only to find that his hand was shaking. Even after a long time, he did not manage to light the cigarette.

“Let me.” Chester Jewell, dressed in a white coat, approached him with a complex gaze. “You lost control. Did you have an episode again? I think your smoking addiction has also gotten worse.”

“I met Lea Hill today and lost control of my emotions.” Shaun was agitated. “How is she?”

“The female doctor in the hospital examined her…” Chester gave him a look. “You really are crazy. The doctor already said that Catherine had just become a woman and needs at least two to three days of rest, but what did you do?”

“What did you say?” Shaun snapped his head to look at Chester.

“That’s what Doctor Lyles said. You should also know that Doctor Lyles is a talent I spent a lot of money on to bring back from abroad. She’s seen many patients and has quite a lot of experience.”

Every word Chester said was like a bomb exploding in Shaun’s head, buzzing.

So… Catherine and Wesley Lyons were really innocent?

He had misunderstood her?

“She… She really didn’t do anything with Wesley Lyons?” Shaun felt that his brain that had always been ingenious suddenly became inadequate.

‘Didn’t she get drugged and spent the night with Wesley Lyons?

‘Isn’t she Wesley’s fiancée?’

“Doctor Lyles wouldn’t lie.”

Shaun’s lips pursed. Wesley was locked up in prison, so she naturally could not have gotten together with him. It seemed like Shaun had really misunderstood her.

When he thought of the words he had said to her before, he regretted it and slapped himself on the face twice. What had he done?

That night, did she really submerge herself in cold water to get through the night, just as she had said?

Chester sighed. “When I saw the pictures of her being intimate with Wesley Lyons back then, I thought they had already… Who would’ve thought this would happen. Even after they were engaged for so long, her chastity was taken by you instead. Do you think Wesley will d*e of regret?”


Shaun frowned tightly. He did not know if Wesley would d*e of regret, but Shaun was about to.

He stood in the ward with that feeling of regret. When he saw Catherine’s pale face, he wanted to give himself two more slaps.

The things he had done recently were simply inhumane.

He wanted to make it up to her. He would never let her go back to Wesley Lyons again.

At that moment, the eyelashes of the person lying on the bed suddenly quivered.

Shaun, who had not figured out how to face the woman, was at a loss.

Catherine slowly opened her eyes. When she saw the tall figure that was illuminated by a backlight standing at her bedside, that terrifying scene suddenly emerged in her mind.

She shuddered violently in fear and her face was paper-white. “Don’t come over!”

Catherine was truly afraid. She tried to shrink to the side, and her clear eyes were filled with fear for him.

Shaun’s heart throbbed in pain and he tried to reach out to her. “Don’t be scared, I won’t…”

“Ahhhh, don’t touch me!” Catherine dove into the covers in fright, her body shaking like a leaf. “I won’t dare anymore. I shouldn’t have hit you. You can do whatever you want in the future. I’m really scared now. I’ve learned my lesson!”