Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 337

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Soon, news about Liam rushed to the top of the popular search query.

Various media-driven topics also appeared online.

#LiamHillDisappearance [I heard that Liam Hill was forced to Country F by his own brother. Wars often break out in Country F now. It’s obvious what would happen if he was sent there at this time.]

#LiamHillDisappearance [I heard that the conflict in Country F this morning involved bombs and there were many casualties. Second Young Master Hill might have been struck with misfortune.]

#LiamHillDisappearance [Eldest Young Master Hill is too ruthless. Hill Corporation already belongs to him, but he won’t even spare his own younger brother.]

[Second Young Master Hill is a good person. He often helps our poor areas and donates money to build schools. Eldest Young Master Hill is too vicious.]

[The comment above is awesome. You actually dare to openly talk about Eldest Young Master Hill? Aren’t you afraid you’ll get into an accident later?]

[Hehe, it’s not like Eldest Young Master Hill’s word is the law. If I’m banned or if something happens to us, don’t be surprised. After all, Elder Young Master Hill can pull all sorts of strings.]

In a short time, the number of comments with the hashtag exceeded 300 million.

Catherine’s face grew paler.

Liam got into an accident?

If Liam had not helped her, he would not have been sent to that kind of place by Shaun. This was all her fault.

In Hill Corporation.

Shaun had just arrived at the top floor when Lea greeted him with a slap to the face.

He grabbed her hand. Lea’s hair was messy and her red eyes were filled with anger. “Shaun Hill, if anything happens to Liam, I’ll have you buried with him!”

His body trembled, and his hand under his sleeve shook slightly.

To the side, Mason Campos hastily wrapped his arm around Lea’s shoulder. “Lea, calm down. The most important thing now is to go find Liam. I’ve told the secretary to book a ticket. I’ll fly to Country F later.”

“You?” Lea looked worried. “But the situation there is very chaotic now. A war might break out. If anything happens to you—”

“Even if Liam is d**d, I still have to find his body and bring him back.” A touch of deep pain crossed Mason’s eyes.

“No need for that. I’ll go,” Shaun spoke up indifferently and turned to leave.

“Stop. How would I know if you’ll k**l Liam over there? Go with Mason,” Lea ordered, “You have to bring them back safely.”

The side of Shaun’s mouth pulled up coldly before he left.

Hadley was annoyed when he heard of it. “The madam is too much. No matter what, you also came from her womb. Eldest Young Master Hill, if you ask me, you shouldn’t go at all. Just let that father-and-son duo d*e over there.”

“Didn’t you see how I’m being attacked on the internet? My image is currently in tatters, so I’m going there to save my reputation, and… I don’t think Liam is d**d. After all, the news went viral too quickly. I don’t believe that no one deliberately promoted it.”

Shaun mocked.

Before getting on the plane, he called Catherine. “Be good. I have to go on a business trip for a few days, so take your medicine and stay at home obediently.”

After a few seconds of silence, Catherine asked in a low voice, “Can you… let Liam live?”

It felt like something was cracking in his chest. Shaun’s heart was gray and cold. All the loved ones around him did not believe him, including her. Everyone said that Country F was dangerous, but no one cared that he was going there.


He laughed and did not want to explain. It did not matter anyway.

After hanging up, he turned to Hadley. “Did you bring the medicine I used to take?”

Hadley was stunned. Then, remembering how Chester said that Shaun’s condition might have relapsed, he finally handed him the medicine.