Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 338

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A week later.

Freya accompanied Catherine to a private hospital to get her stitches removed.

Chester personally went to the parking lot to meet with the two people. This was the first time Catherine met him, and she had to say that Shaun’s friends all looked like supermodels.

Chester wore a white coat and glasses. His figure was tall and he looked gentle. His handsome face was warm and harmless. The spring-like smile on his lips made him look easygoing and approachable, but his thin lips showed that he was a cool and indifferent man.

Freya gasped. “Are all doctors these days this hot? He looks like a male model posing in front of a camera for a movie.”

“You’re good at joking, Ms. Lynch.” Chester smiled. “Let’s go. I’ve arranged for a doctor to take you there.”

“Sorry for the trouble. I can just go by myself.” Catherine felt embarrassed. After all, she was going to the gynecology department because of that kind of matter.

Chester shook his head and smiled. “That won’t do. Shaun personally called me to nag at me.”

Catherine could not help but think of the call she received last night. Shaun actually remembered and called to remind her to take out the stitches.

When the three people were about to take the elevator, a familiar woman’s voice suddenly came from behind them.

“Young Master Jewell…”

The three people turned around, and Catherine’s brows raised slightly. It was Melanie. Beside her stood a dignified and beautiful woman who wore exquisite makeup. She looked like she was in her 30s, and her sharp and tall body gave off an aura like she had lived in the upper class for a long time. She made Melanie look like a little footman.

“Aunty Lea, it’s been a long time.”

Chester took the initiative to greet her respectfully. “You’re back?”

“Yes, Liam got into an accident, so how could I remain abroad?” Lea glanced at Freya and Catherine. They were both young girls in their early 20s and looked quite beautiful. She knew that Chester was a fickle playboy, so she only thought that Catherine and Freya were also frivolous women. She did not bother to look at them properly.

It was Melanie who pursed her lips and exclaimed, “Catherine Jones, why are you here? Oh, I get it. You must have gotten with Young Master Jewell in order to obtain that plot of land back.”

“Melanie Yule, Young Master Jewell’s status isn’t ordinary, so please run your words through a filter before you speak. Don’t casually slander others,” Catherine shot back blandly.

Melanie rolled her eyes and said to Lea, “Aunty, this is my father’s illegitimate daughter.”

Freya became furious. “Who are you calling an illegitimate daughter? You’re younger than her. It’s clear that your mother did whatever it took to marry into the Yule family.”

“Who are you? Who gave you the right to butt in?” Melanie snapped. “Catherine Jones, you’re no better than your mother. I’m warning you, don’t embarrass the Yule family’s name outside.”

Catherine frowned, but Chester spoke warningly before she could, “Ms. Yule, watch your words. Catherine is my friend’s friend. If you say such slanderous words and my friend finds out, they’ll tear your face off.”

Melanie did not expect Chester to help Catherine and pouted in grievance. “Young Master Jewell, I’m Eldest Young Master Hill’s girlfriend. He’s also your good friend—”

Chester gave her a mild look. “Is that so? Shaun never mentioned you to me before.”

Melanie became furious, and Lea said impatiently, “Chester, I may be too upset these days because of Liam’s incident. My chest feels tight and uncomfortable. Do a check-up for me.”

Chester was troubled. Lia was an elder, so it would not be good for him to refuse her.

Catherine said, “Young Master Jewell, you should go with them. I’ll go up by myself.”