Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 341

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 341

Catherine, “…”

Booking out the entire cinema for a movie… As expected of a big shot, or perhaps he just did not want others to see him at the movies with her.

Half an hour later, Shaun took her to the movie hall in Northern Sky Mall. The general manager of the cinema personally received them and took them to the VIP couple’s hall.

Catherine picked an action movie because a male celebrity she liked was in it. She was supposed to watch it together with Freya.

During the movie, Shaun placed her on his chest. Catherine’s back felt uncomfortable after a long time, but Shaun did not notice it. His phone rang twice and she noticed that the first call was from Melanie while the other was from Old Madam Hill.

He muted the phone and threw it in his pocket. Bowing his head, he asked her, “You like these kinds of movies?”

“I guess.” She actually liked the feeling of watching a movie with many people in the cinema.

“I’ll accompany you often whenever I’m free.” Shaun’s fingers squeezed her waist gently. “Does it still hurt?”

Catherine thought he wanted to do it tonight and stiffened. “I still need another month, at least.”

Shaun lowered his eyes and looked deeply at her. “You don’t have to remind me. The doctor already told me. I’m asking because Doctor Lyles said you were in pain today.”

“I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt now,” Catherine said honestly.

Shaun felt upset and could only pull her to his lap. He kissed her softly and spoke with a gentle tone, “I promise you, I’ll never do that again.”


Catherine did not believe him. Some types of damage were impossible to erase.

After the movie, Shaun took her back to New Metropolis Park.

She could not help but ask, “You’ve left for a week. Aren’t you going back to the old residence?”


He refused decisively. After taking a shower, he fell asleep not long after lying in bed. It was clear from his furrowed brows that he had been very tired these days.

Catherine turned on her phone. An article on the news showed a photograph of Shaun returning home with Liam. Liam had gotten off the plane on a stretcher and seemed to currently be in a hospital. Rumor had it that he was injured.

Two days later, Catherine found out which hospital Liam was in.

She visited him with some gifts and flowers.

After not seeing him for half a month, Liam had become more tanned and thin. His forehead was wrapped in gauze, and he was playing games in bed to cure his boredom. When he saw her come in, he raised his hand to greet her, “Wait, I’m going to win this one soon.”

Catherine sat down and waited for a while. When he put down his phone, she finally asked, “Are you playing PUBG?”

“Do you want to play too? Add me as a friend.” Shaun grinned, showing off his two rows of white teeth.

Catherine told him her ID and the two added each other as friends. Then, she said with difficulty, “I read the news and heard that something happened to you in Country F…”

“Yeah, I was caught by the mob.” Liam smiled bitterly. “I starved for a few days and even got injured.”

“I’m sorry.” Catherine felt guilty. If he had not helped her, he would not have angered Shaun.

“What are you apologizing for?” Liam laughed. “I was just unlucky.”

“Liam, are you better today?”

At the door, Lea and Mason entered together. Catherine did not expect to meet them and hurriedly got up. Her gaze could not help but linger on Mason. Was he Shaun’s stepfather? He looked quite gentle and elegant.

“Why are you here?” Lea frowned when she saw Catherine.

“Mom, you know her?” Liam smiled. “She’s the one I told you about before, the one whose car was tampered with and she almost died. But in the end, she took a bold and calm approach which saved her life. Her name is Catherine Jones.”

“Oh.” Lea rarely saw her son praise a woman like this. She frowned.