Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 342

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“Uncle, Aunty, I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll leave now.” Catherine did not want to stay. She left after greeting them.

Lea asked bluntly, “Liam, do you like her?”

Liam’s eyes flashed as he bowed his head. “A little, but she has a boyfriend.”

Lea was stunned and dissatisfied. “She’s just the illegitimate daughter of the Yule family and isn’t worthy of you. Besides, I saw that she’s acquainted with Chester Jewell as well. You should know very well how flirtatious Chester is.”

“Mom, Catherine isn’t that kind of person. Don’t just call her an illegitimate daughter. To put it bluntly, I was also an illegitimate child in the past,” Liam retorted in discontent.

“You…” Lea’s chest heaved with anger.

“Alright, stop arguing,” Mason said gently, “Didn’t you say Liam should find someone he likes to be his girlfriend so he doesn’t follow in your footsteps?”

Lea sighed. “I’m just afraid he’ll be deceived. Shaun is going to marry Melanie. If you get together with the illegitimate daughter of the Yule family, you’ll be suppressed by Shaun for the rest of your life, understand?”

Liam froze. “Shaun is going to marry Melanie?”

“It seems your grandparents want to arrange a marriage for him, mainly because you recently had an accident in Country F and his reputation was damaged. Joel Yule is a prominent figure in the country, so Shaun can save his reputation by marrying Joel’s daughter.”

Lea had just finished speaking when she suddenly heard Mason say, “Ms. Jones, why did you come back?”

They turned to look at the door and found that Catherine had been standing there for who knew how long. Her face was slightly pale.

“I left my phone behind.” Catherine took her phone and left immediately, but all she could hear in her head were Lea’s words. Her chest felt like it had been punched hard, and her head was bursting with pain.

How funny! Shaun was getting married. Just yesterday, he had peeled crayfish for her and watched a movie with her, giving her a deep misconception.

Hah, did he really want the best of both worlds and have the joy of having several partners?

Liam watched her figure disappear and a mysterious light flashed in his eyes. “Mom, I like her. Sometimes, status isn’t important. For a lack of better words, Melanie is just a good-for-nothing, but Catherine is different and grew up in adversity. If an illegitimate daughter like her brings down Melanie in the future, wouldn’t that be interesting?”

Lea paused. That was true. She had met Melanie, and she was just an overly arrogant pampered young lady. As for Catherine Jones…

“Fine, I’ll check her background.”

That afternoon.

A stack of information about Catherine was delivered to Lea’s desk.

What amazed Lea was that Catherine had taken control of a listed company in just a month or so. She even had all the major shareholders wrapped around her finger.

What surprised her even more was that Shaun had been secretly suppressing Husdon since a few days ago.

Liam had helped Hudson once and was sent to Country F by Shaun.

Mason had a realization. “Liam only provoked Shaun because he was trying to help Catherine Jones.

“I think Melanie must have gotten Shaun to deal with Catherine, but he didn’t expect Liam to interfere, so he became unhappy.” Lea became even more annoyed after learning the truth.

Mason patted her shoulder. “Forget it. Hasn’t Shaun already brought Liam back? I think that Catherine isn’t bad, and Liam likes this girl quite a lot. It’s just that she won’t be able to help him much when she’s being suppressed by the Yule family.”

Lea’s heart wavered. “Although she’s not as good as how I was back then, she’ll definitely be better than Melanie in the future.”

She thought of Liam’s words. If Husdon could rise rapidly, Catherine might even become Liam’s biggest stepping stone. More importantly, Joel favored Catherine more between his two daughters, so if they helped her, Joel would remember their kindness and definitely take Liam’s side in the future.

“Let them get in touch. We’ll see how things go.”

Lea was a businesswoman and would always think in the interest of profits.

In the evening.