Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 343

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In the office, Catherine looked at the time. It was 6:00 p.m.

She should get ready to go back.

At that moment, Shaun suddenly sent her a message. [I won’t be back tonight. Go to sleep early.]

It seemed like there was no need to rush back.

She picked up the planner again but could not see a word at all.

Was he going to accompany Melanie tonight? Was he going back to Hill Manor to discuss the wedding?

He was about to get married. If he continued to be entangled with her like this after his marriage, Catherine would really look down on herself for the rest of her life.

She had to be strong so she could break away from him soon.

In Hill Manor.

Shaun got out of the car and saw Melanie holding Old Madam Hill’s arm as they went for a walk in the garden.

He frowned and subconsciously wanted to turn away, but Old Madam Hill had noticed him. “Shaun, you’re just in time. Melanie and I are going to the orchard to pick some strawberries, come with us.”

“Grandma, I’m tired. I want to go back to my room—”

“I want you to accompany me and you’re saying that you’re tired. Do you dislike me that much?” Old Madam Hill’s face immediately became unpleasant.

Shaun had no choice but to follow them to the orchard.

The old madam deliberately lagged behind a few steps and let the two of them walk in front of her. Along the way, Melanie chatted with Shaun, but for every ten sentences she spoke, he only replied with one.

After reaching the strawberry orchard, Melanie plucked one and tried it. Her eyes were shining. “Eldest Young Master Hill, the strawberry is so sweet.”

“Have you never eaten a strawberry before? Do you need to exaggerate it that much?” Shaun could not help but say sarcastically.

“What are you saying?” Old Madam Hill knocked him with her cane angrily.

“Grandma, don’t hit him.” Melanie hurriedly stopped the old woman and looked at Shaun while blushing. “I’ve embarrassed myself, Eldest Young Master Hill. The strawberries are dainty and cute, so girls like them a lot.”

Shaun had a thought after hearing her words. Catherine would also like them, right? She looked very afraid of him these days, but she would definitely be happy if he picked some back for her.

Thus, he lifted a basket and picked the strawberries earnestly, choosing the biggest and reddest ones.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, look at this one. It’s so big. The two of them grew together like a lotus flower.” Melanie managed to pick a special strawberry and smiled happily.

This scene was quickly photographed by Old Madam Hill who was not far away. Oh, her technique was not bad. From the picture, they looked like an amorous couple.

Shaun did not notice it and took the strawberry from Melanie’s hand, putting it in his basket.

He would show it to Catherine when he went back at night. She would definitely like it.

Melanie, “…”

What did Eldest Young Master Hill mean by taking it away without a word? Did it mean that he liked it very much?

It was rare that Shaun wanted something of hers. Melanie’s heart felt sweet.

After finishing picking the strawberries, Old Madam Hill said to the chef, “Take the strawberries in Eldest Young Master’s basket and make a strawberry mousse cake.”

“I have other uses for these strawberries.” Shaun took the basket upstairs.

Melanie’s face changed slightly. It seemed like she had not overthought it. If a man had picked so many strawberries, it was definitely because he wanted to give them to someone. As for who he was giving them to…