Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 345

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Melanie shuddered, but she gritted her teeth and powered on. “Eldest Young Master Hill, I won’t break up with you. It was you who took the initiative to go after me in the first place.”

“Fine, let’s play a slow game.” Shaun let go of her and got into the car.

Melanie watched his car leave with eyes full of horror and fear. Nicola and her only had a foothold in the Yule family now because she had the Hill family as her backing. Even Old Master Yule treated the mother and daughter politely. She must not lose Eldest Young Master Hill.

It must be that vixen behind him who was instigating him. She had to find out who that vixen was and k**l her.

In the car, Shaun called Catherine. “What are you doing? I’m on my way home.”

“I’m working overtime in the office.” Catherine was startled. He had said he was not coming back earlier.

“Why are you working overtime when it’s already so late?” Shaun’s tone was displeased. “Wait there. I’ll pick you up.”


Catherine looked at her phone, feeling slightly disgusted.

She really hated it when he came to find her after accompanying Melanie.

Half an hour later, Shaun’s car stopped outside the company’s building and Catherine got into the car.

The car was filled with the smell of a woman’s perfume. It was a scent she had smelled on Melanie before.

She was absolutely sure that he had just sent Melanie home.

Did he not get tired of two-timing and dealing with two women at the same time?

“Look what I brought you.” Shaun brought over the basket of strawberries in the backseat and placed it on her lap. “I picked them myself in the orchard at Hill Manor. They’re very sweet.”

He looked at her eyes expectantly. It was his first time trying to win the favor of a woman.

However, what disappointed him was that Catherine simply looked down at the strawberries and smiled, but that smile looked more like she was just enduring it.

“Thank you.” Catherine picked up a strawberry from the top.

“This one looks like the both of us.” Shaun held her hand tightly, his handsome eyes swirling with tenderness while reflecting her silhouette.

Catherine listened to his gentle and magnetic voice. When she looked over, she became lost in thought for a moment.

This man was too seductive. Even after doing such terrible things to her, when he chose to be gentle, it made it hard for her to extricate herself.

Shaun smiled and leaned in to kiss her on the lips.

Just as their lips were about to meet, the smell of Melanie’s perfume in the car made her subconsciously turn her face away, and his kiss fell short.

The ambiguous air instantly cooled.

Irritation suddenly spurted out from Shaun’s chest. He remembered how foolish he was earlier to pick all the biggest and reddest strawberries for her, thinking that she would like them. However, what he got was just a half-hearted reaction.

He knew that he could not blame her and took a deep breath. He touched her head. “I reap what I sow. I hurt you, but time will let me open your heart. Don’t worry, I have plenty of time.”

Catherine was astonished. She thought that he would lose his temper again. She actually regretted her actions afterward and should not have offended him. She could not afford the consequences.

Then, Shaun started the car and took her back to New Metropolis Park.

Aunty Yasmine washed the strawberries, and Catherine ate the fruits obediently. As Shaun said, the strawberries were very sweet and nice.

When they went to bed at night, Shaun hugged her and nibbled on her ear, saying dotingly, “If you like them, I’ll pick more for you next time.”

Catherine trembled in his embrace and lowered her eyes with a hum.