Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 347

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Shaun went on the net and found that many official accounts were already giving him a wife-loving persona. What was even more outrageous was that there were related people who broke the news that he was about to get married to Melanie next month. It was a complete mess.

He angrily called the manager of the PR department. “The company’s new development plan wasn’t publicized well, but you sure are good at the tactics used by the entertainment circle to ship people. Remove the news immediately.”

The manager felt wronged. “But your image has really changed a lot.”

“Am I the president or are you the president?” Shaun asked coldly.

“Alright, I’ll remove the news immediately.” The manager nodded his head dejectedly.

Although the trending search was quickly suppressed and what should be deleted was deleted, the matter was already trending. Everyone in the country knew about it.

Naturally, Catherine was no exception.

Everyone knew that Melanie and Shaun were a couple now.

Wesley sent her a message: [Shaun Hill is too cruel to you. Cathy, I’m doing my best to get stronger. Soon, I’ll save you from him.]

Catherine was deeply moved and helpless. The kinder Wesley was to her, the more guilty she felt.

The next two days, Shaun did not return to New Metropolis Park.

Catherine did not know where he spent the nights, nor did she ask.

At night, Liam called her. “I was discharged yesterday.”


“I’m here to collect a debt this time.” Liam grinned. “Didn’t you say you wanted to thank me? I’m going to participate in a charity event tomorrow, so come with me.”

Catherine hesitated at first, but when she heard that it was a charity event, she agreed.

The next day at 5:00 p.m., Liam drove a blue Ferrari and picked her up at the company’s entrance.

Catherine quickly got into the car. Liam looked at her sporty clothes and laughed. “Your attire isn’t suitable. I’ll take you somewhere to get changed.”

One hour later, Catherine came out of the dressing room in a retro red dress.

“Nice!” Liam snapped his fingers.

“Why do I have to dress like this for a charity event?” Catherine was confused.

“Oh, it’s a charity dinner,” Liam suddenly said.

Catherine stopped in her tracks and frowned. “Second Young Master Hill, you lied to me. I’m not going.”

If she ran into Shaun, he would scold her for being an easy woman again. Maybe he would even torture her when they went back at night. She was afraid of Shaun now.

“When did I lie? A charity dinner is still a charity event.” Liam’s face was innocent. “Are you standing me up? Where am I going to find a female companion at this point in time?”

“Second Young Master Hill, I don’t want gossip to spread…”

“You’ll just be my female companion. You think too much. Besides, don’t think that I don’t know. You’ve already broken up with Wesley Lyons.”

Liam saw that she was unconvinced so he clapped his chest with a laugh. “Don’t worry, there’s no one you know at the charity dinner tonight. When you first came to Canberra, you said that you should go to events to meet more people. Do you plan to spend your life behind closed doors?”

Catherine’s heart wavered. Sure enough, if she wanted to cast Shaun away, she had to make herself strong first. The most important step was connections.

“Alright, I’ll accompany you.”

Rean Hotel, Canberra.

A grand charity dinner was being held.

Liam walked in while holding Catherine’s hand. He was dressed in a burgundy suit, looking like an elegant prince who had stepped out of a manga. Beside him, Catherine was stunningly beautiful with her snow-white skin, enchanting long hair, and wine-red lips. She was bright and dazzling, a beauty unmatched in her generation.

“Who’s that lady beside Second Young Master Hill? She’s beautiful.”

“I’ve never seen her before.”