Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 349

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Nicola could tell what her daughter was thinking and whispered in her ear, “If you want to win a man completely, you have to conquer his body.”

“But he usually doesn’t let me touch him…”

“Take the opportunity tonight when he gets drunk. I’ll tell the old madam to let you go to a room to take care of Eldest Young Master Hill.” Nicola wiggled her eyebrows.

Realization dawned on Melanie. When she thought of becoming Shaun’s woman, her small face flushed with shyness, but she was looking forward to it. “Mom, Catherine wouldn’t really get together with Second Young Master Hill, right…?”

“Who does she think she is? She’s not worthy. She’s just a vixen like her mother.” Nicola’s face was full of disdain. “Watch how I deal with her tonight.”

After Shaun stepped down from the stage, famous singers took turns performing on stage.

When the show was almost over, Liam bent down to Catherine’s ear and said, “I’ll go backstage to collect the money raised. I’ll come back later.”


Catherine nodded.

The scene fell into Shaun’s eyes, making his chest fill with a ball of anger.

That damned woman! As soon as he looked away, she acted ambiguously with another man.

This time, she was even with Liam.

He almost crushed the wine glass in his hands.

After calming down, he took out his phone and sent Catherine a message: [Wait for me in Room 408.]

Catherine received the message. She looked at Shaun and saw him watching the performance on stage seriously.

She cursed him in her heart. What a hypocrite!

She really did not want to go meet him. It was too risky. She lowered her head and replied: [Can it wait until we go back?]

Shaun: [I’m very angry now. Don’t try to annoy me further.]

Catherine, “…”

She smiled bitterly and could only get up silently to leave.

Just as she left the banquet hall, a drunken middle-aged obese man suddenly stopped her. “Beautiful lady, do you have time to chat in my room for a while?”

“I’m busy.” Catherine did not know him at all and turned away.

The obese man suddenly grabbed her wrist and smirked. “Do you know who I am? I have plenty of money. If you’re willing to accompany me for one night, I’ll give you ten million.”

“Why don’t I give you ten million for you to get lost instead?” Catherine struggled hard.

“Fine, don’t say I didn’t give you a choice.” The obese man pushed her to the wall, about to forcefully kiss her.

“Let go of me!” Catherine slapped him on the face.

“How dare you hit me, you b*tch…” The man raised his hand to swing it down, but a large palm grabbed his hand mid-air.

Then, the obese man’s body was thrown aside. “How dare you hit me? You…”

When he saw who the tall figure standing in front of him was, he was so scared that his legs trembled. “Eldest Young Master… Eldest Young Master Hill, you’re just in time. She seduced me.”

“Is that so? Director Irvine, you dare cause trouble in one of our events? It seems you don’t have to participate in the feasts of high society in the future.” Shaun said coldly to Hadley, “Break one of his legs and throw him out.”

“Eldest Young Master Hill, don’t…” Director Irvine was so frightened he wanted to kneel down and beg for mercy, but it was too late. Hadley dragged him out.