Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 378

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“Come on, let’s go home.”

Catherine held his hand.


A trace of pain flashed across Shaun’s handsome face.

Once upon a time, this was his home.

However, the only place that felt like home now was with her.


After a long time, he nodded. He held her and left the Hill family without looking back.

When Valerie saw his silhouette disappear, she shuddered and said, “Mom, Dad, I think that Shaun must be ill again. He was so terrifying just now. It was just like when he used to hurt others…”

“Enough.” Old Madam Hill slapped her face in disappointment. “How dare you have the nerve to say that? Did you not have enough from the Hill family? How could you be bribed by outsiders?”

Liam angrily accused her as well. “Aunt Valerie, you’re too vicious.”

Shamed, Valerie clenched her fists in chagrin. She hated Shaun so much that her teeth ached.

She would get even with him.

The car drove on the bends of Sherman Mountain.

Hadley drove the car while Shaun kept staring at Catherine’s profile.

Catherine knew how horrible her face looked and was upset at his staring. “You don’t have to take what I said earlier seriously. I just didn’t want you to harm Valerie and fall out with the Hill family. If something happens to you, I might get locked up in a cellar again or worse.”

“I know.”

Shaun dropped his eyes, but he quickly returned to normal.

He never thought that she would forgive him so easily after such a hurtful experience.

She must think that he was very shameless. He claimed that he would protect her, but in the end, he could not do it.

An intense heartache gripped his heart.

His hand trembled violently again as if he was about to lose control.

“Stop the car.” He suddenly gave the order.

Hadley immediately pulled over.

“Send her to the hospital. I’ll go to the car behind for a smoke.” Shaun quickly got out of the car.

Hadley looked at him before he pulled the car away.

Catherine looked through the rearview mirror to see Shaun get into the car behind.

She then laughed and said, “Hadley, I stink. It must be hard to endure it.”

She really did reek. The cellar’s environment was quite disgusting, yet she ate, drank, and slept in that space every day. Furthermore, she could not shower. Even she could not stand the stink that permeated the car.

Hadley hurriedly explained, “Miss Jones, you misunderstood. Eldest Young Master…”

He hesitated. He could not tell her that the Eldest Young Master was sick and needed to go to the other car to take his medicine or maybe to… harm himself again.

“You don’t have to explain it to me. I know.” Catherine found it funny how Hadley was trying to find an excuse for Shaun but could not.

Hadley was helpless.

She might not understand how much the Eldest Young Master cared about her.


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