Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 381

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“Cathy, don’t say anything. I know. He must be some hotshot from an influential family, but I’m not afraid. At most, I’ll just be d********d with you. I owe you this much. If I didn’t mistake Shaun Hill for someone else in the first place, you wouldn’t have gotten involved with him.”

Freya almost cried out of remorse.

“Oh, so it all started because of you. I knew stupid girls like you only know how to talk big, and you don’t mean it at all,” Rodney said viciously.

“Shut your mouth, you ladyboy,” Freya roared at him.

“What did you say?” Rodney’s handsome face was about to turn into ice.

“Did I say anything wrong? You’re a man wearing a pink shirt. You look prettier than women and you talk more than a woman. Are you a man or a woman?”

“You stupid woman. If I don’t k**l you…” Rodney was about to charge at her in anger, but Chase hurriedly held him back. “Bro, calm down.”

“Didn’t you hear her scold me? How can I calm down?” Rodney was furious.

Freya added slyly, “Don’t be mad. You’re pretty, so you look good even when you’re angry.”

Catherine had a headache. “Freya, that’s enough. He’s your boss. He’s Rodney Snow, the president of Osher Corporation.”

Freya was speechless.


She had never met the president, but as an employee of the company, she knew that the boss’s name was Rodney Snow. According to the rumors, Rodney was handsome and disciplined…

What the f*ck. That was him?

“Freya Lynch, you’re d**d.” Rodney sneered at her.

“Fine, I get it. I know the consequences of offending my boss. I’ll just get lost. I’ll go back to pack my stuff.” Freya could not care less.

“Don’t forget the contract you signed with the company. Your contract is different from ordinary employees. You signed a confidentiality agreement. If you dare to leave your job without permission, I want to see who in the industry will dare to hire you in the future.” Rodney threatened.

“Young Master Rodney, my friend only got angry because of what happened to me. I hope you won’t take it personally.” Catherine had to turn to Shaun. “Freya speaks impulsively, but think about it. If it were you who were d********d, wouldn’t your friends get angry as well? Just like that last time when you taught me a lesson…”

“What? What lesson did he teach you?” Freya glared at Rodney. “Are you still a man for bullying a woman?”

“If you say another word, I’ll prove to you that I’m a man.” Rodney warned.

“That’s enough, stop fighting. This is a hospital ward. The patient needs to rest.” Shaun interrupted coldly, and everyone immediately quietened down.

Shaun‘s eyes swept across the room and landed on Rodney. “Rodney, you’re a man, so be generous. Freya is Catherine’s friend. Leave her alone.”


Rodney looked at Freya, who only rolled her eyes at him. “Shaun, you’re really ungrateful. I only spoke up for you because she was scolding you.”

Chase pulled him and said in a low voice, “Rodney, that’s enough. I can understand Freya. To be honest, seeing Rin like this, I’m also very angry at Shaun. I even blamed myself. I shouldn’t have called Shaun to Melbourne back then.”


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