Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 382

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He thought that they were a match made in heaven, but it turned out to be an ill-fated love.

Rodney looked at Catherine’s appearance and suddenly fell silent.

Honestly, he did not like her much before, but he felt sad for her now as well.

“If you think of me as a brother, then think of a gift for my wedding. I plan to hold a sensational wedding with her in a month.” Shaun’s dark eyes looked at Catherine as he said seriously, “You don’t believe me, but I want to tell the whole world that no matter her looks won’t change my love for her.”

Catherine suddenly looked up and met his gaze in shock.

She really could not figure out what he was thinking.

Was he… not tired of this?

“I’m not willing,” she said after a long time. “Do you want the whole world to see my d********d face?”

Shaun’s handsome face stiffened.

Catherine said every word loud and clear, “What I wanted was never for the world to know how much you love me. All that is superficial. Do you understand?”

Her words were like a sharp knife stabbing into his heart.

Shaun did not want to understand anything. All he knew was that he owed her too much. In this life, he wanted to keep her by his side and take care of her.

Catherine stayed in the hospital to nurse her health.

Shaun accompanied her by the bed every night.

Word about Shaun bringing people to surround the Hill manor when he saved her had spread all over Canberra.

Nowadays, Canberra was full of chaos and undercurrents.

In the midst of the undercurrent, a happy event suddenly shocked the city.

The daughter of the Yule family, Melanie Yule, and Charlie Campos from the Campos family were engaged to be married next Saturday. Their matchmaker was Old Madam Hill from the Hill family.

Catherine was resting in the ward when she saw the news. She was stunned.

She had heard about the Campos family before.

The Campos family was apparently a very ordinary family in Canberra more than twenty years ago. However, after Mason Campos married Lea Hill, the Campos family quickly became one of the four great families of Canberra with the Hill family’s support.

Now that Liam had become the heir to Hill Corporation, it meant that the Hill family would be Liam’s in the future. Since Liam’s parents were also members of the Campos family, the Campos family would definitely become second only to the Hill family in the future.

It was no wonder Melanie suddenly had a change of heart and stopped pestering Shaun.

So that was the reason.

However, Melanie was not that smart. It was most likely Nicola who took advantage of the debt the Hill family owed her.

Nicola Wicks was not a simple person.

That night, Melanie uploaded a short video online. “Yes, I’m getting engaged. I know everyone is wondering why I want to get married so suddenly. The reason is simple. I’m too tired, and it’s really hard loving someone. In the future, I want to find a person who loves me, forgives me, dotes on me, and treats me like a little princess, not like a lowly speck of dirt.”

[My heart hurts for little princess Melanie. You must love yourself in the future. Tell that scumbag Shaun to go to h**l.]

[Scumbag Shaun is finished. He’s not worthy of you.]

[Did you know? I heard the person who seduced Shaun Hill is Melanie Yule’s half-sister. She’s apparently Joel Yule’s illegitimate daughter.]

[No way, Joel Yule is one of the top ten outstanding figures in Australia. He’s a good man who cares for his family and loves his wife. Sh*t’s about to go down now.]


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