Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 383

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[I’m very sure. That person was called Sheryl Jones, and her daughter is the chairman of Hudson Corporation. I even have her photo.]

Then, photos of Sheryl and Catherine spread all over the Internet.

Catherine received a call from the company saying that Hudson’s Facebook was bombarded with criticisms. The company’s board of directors was clamoring for a meeting again.

“I’ll come to the company right away.” As soon as Catherine said that, Shaun took her phone away. He then issued an order to the other end, “I’m Shaun Hill. I’ll handle the matters at Hudson. Don’t call and bother her for the time being.”

After that, he threw the phone to the side.

“Shaun Hill, what are you doing?” Catherine was so angry that her stomach hurt. “You can’t even protect yourself now. Can you mind your own business?”

“You can’t leave the hospital in this condition.” Shaun’s eyes were gentle, but his tone was still as dominant as ever.

“But I can’t just stand by and watch as my mom’s picture spreads on the internet. She’s been d**d for more than twenty years, yet she’s still being slandered.” Tears filled Catherine’s eyes.

Then, the tears slid down her cheeks.

She blamed herself. “It’s all my fault. I’m useless. I couldn’t avenge her, and I can’t even let her d*e in peace.”

All of this was by no means a coincidence. It was arranged by Melanie Yule and her mother.

“Cathy, don’t cry. Trust me. I’ll get someone to k**l the topic immediately. I’ve already made preparations. The more they jump, the harder they will fall tomorrow.” Shaun wrapped his arm around her waist and lowered his head to kiss away her tears. His tone was soft.

Uncomfortable from his kissing, Catherine turned her face away, and her tears stopped. She was confused. “What are you planning?”

“I won’t tell you now. It’s a secret, but you’ll find out tomorrow.” Shaun brushed a strand of hair in front of her forehead. “I’ll feed you first.”

After that, he served her a bowl of soup that Aunty Yasmine had boiled.

He blew on it gently and fed her spoonful by spoonful.

Each time, he stared at her as if he would never be tired of seeing her face.

However, Catherine could not stand it. She looked in the mirror and knew she was ugly, so she did not understand how this man was not disgusted at all after looking at her for several days.

“I’ll do it myself…”

“No. Chester said that your stomach isn’t well now, and you can’t drink anything too hot or cold. It has to be just right, but you always never pay attention.” Shaun insisted on feeding her.

Catherine had no choice. Shaun was now acting like the textbook definition of a good man.

Even so, she felt that sooner or later, Shaun would not be able to accept her face.

The next day, Shaun was gone by the time Catherine woke up.

It was 9:00 am, and Aunty Yasmine turned on the TV. As soon as Catherine looked up, she saw Shaun being interviewed by a reporter on TV.

This was his first official appearance. In the background was a lounge, and Shaun was sitting on the sofa. He was dressed in an expensive gray striped suit that hugged his perfect body. His handsome, prominent face, his long eyelashes, straight nose, and hands and feet were both elegant and graceful.

He faced the audience, and his deep eyes sparkled like it was filled with thousands of stars.

Catherine stared at the screen in shock. At that moment, Shaun was so handsome that she could not tear her eyes away from him.

Besides her, the audience in front of the TV was also stunned.

Although everyone knew that the Eldest Young Master of the Hill family was handsome, they never thought that a man could look so heavenly.

The reporter said, “It’s rare for the Eldest Young Master to accept our interview. I’ve tried making an appointment with you several times in the past, but you always refused. You seem to be a person who doesn’t like public appearances, so what’s your reason for agreeing this time?”


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