Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 384

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Shaun’s legs were crossed, and his demeanor was calm. “Many people have been criticizing me on the Internet lately. To be honest, it doesn’t bother me, and I don’t care how others see me. But yesterday, they began to insult my wife online. This is something I cannot tolerate…”

The reporter was startled. “Wife?”

“That’s right.” Shaun faced the camera, and his bewitching lips curled up into a smile. “The chairman of Hudson Corporation, Catherine Jones. She’s my wife.”

The reporter was dumbfounded. “Have you gotten your marriage certificate?”

“To be exact, we got it more than four months ago.”

The reporter. “That’s… that’s impossible.”

“What’s impossible about it? I even brought it with me.” Shaun took out a document from his pocket. Not only did it have their wedding photos, but the wedding date was also clearly written.

In the ward, Aunty Yasmine was so surprised that she dropped the oranges in her hand. “Miss Jones… No… Young Madam, you both are married?”

Catherine was speechless.

Yes, they were married, but they were also divorced. How did he still have the marriage certificate?

Catherine’s head began to pulse. She could not make sense of anything.

On TV, the reporter was also confused. “But weren’t you still dating Melanie Yule from the Yule family half a month ago…?”

“As for that issue, I’m also very curious about it.”

Shaun’s mouth pulled in a mocking smile. “Melanie Yule. Miss Yule, if you’re watching the news now, I just want to ask you. Since when did I start dating you? Did I start dating you just because I danced with you at a dinner party in Hill Manor? I never called you or asked you out, and I’ve been cold towards you from the start. I believe anyone would be able to tell that I wasn’t interested in you.”

The reporter was stunned. “But previously, someone photographed you two picking strawberries. You two looked very intimate…”

“Oh, that time? I only found out that she was there when I went back to the family estate. My grandmother dragged me with them to the orchard to pick strawberries and deliberately took the photo to mislead the media. I brought the strawberries I picked back to my wife to eat. When I left that day, I even made things clear with Miss Yule and told her not to pester me.”

Shaun faced the camera, his gaze cold. “Miss Yule, because of your words, I’m called a scumbag by all of Australia. You should know very well that I have never so much as touched your mouth.”

The reporter gasped. This Melanie Yule was quite cunning. “Eldest Young Master, does the Hill family know of your marriage with Miss Catherine Jones?”

Shaun shook his head. “They only think that I’m dating Cathy, but my family is opposed to it. They think her status is too low, and she’s not worthy of me because she can’t bring me benefits in the future, but I don’t care. I met her in Melbourne, and she didn’t even know my status when she married me, but I can’t stand my family’s contempt for her anymore. I’ve decided that I’m going to hold a wedding with her in a month’s time and let everyone know that I only have her in my heart.


Shaun suddenly rose from the sofa. “It was indeed me who broke the legs of the young master on the cruise ship. I won’t talk about how much of a bully they were, but they should never have humiliated my wife. Catherine is a line that no one can cross when it comes to me. I’ll go against the whole world if it’s for her.”

It was as if his affectionate eyes were staring straight at Catherine in front of the TV.

Her heart was pounding violently.

She had to admit that no woman could resist it when Shaun’s handsome and perfect face said such domineering and moving words of love.

She knew that he was probably clearing his image of being a scumbag in public. She also knew that he was just acting the part of a deeply devoted husband, but she could not control her emotions.

It was as if he was telling the truth.

To the side, Aunty Yasmine was moved to tears. “Young Madam, I knew the Eldest Youngest Master only had you in his heart. How wonderful. Make up sooner and have twins. I’ll help you raise them.”

Catherine was speechless.


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