Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 385

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Catherine fell silent with a wry smile on her face. ‘Aunty Yasmine, have you forgotten that I’m ugly now?’

However, Shaun’s interview did create a sensation on the Internet.

The trend of the Internet also changed very quickly.

[Holy sh*t. So it turns out that Eldest Young Master Hill has married Catherine Jones long ago. That means she isn’t a mistress at all. It’s completely natural for a husband and wife to sleep together. Melanie Yule is the third-party instead.]

[Come to think about it, besides that picture where he was picking strawberries with Melanie Yule, I’ve never seen him with Melanie Yule. On the contrary, the Eldest Young Master has hugged Catherine Jones and bought jewelry for her. Anyone with a sharp eye can see that it’s true love.]

[I now think that Catherine Jones doesn’t have it easy. The Hill family doesn’t accept her, and we were all scolding her too.]

[Eldest Young Master, we were wrong. You’re a real man. You’re not a scumbag at all. You even fought against the wealthy families in Canberra for your wife. You’re too cool.]

[At the end of the day, the Hill family removed his position as president because Shaun Hill wanted to be with Catherine Jones.]

[Oh my god, the Eldest Young Master gave up his throne for Catherine Jones. Sob, good men like him still exist in this world.]

[I shouldn’t have boycotted Eldest Young Master. In the future, I’ll support all the products he invests in.]

[Eldest Young Master, you’re my idol.]

In the Yule family.

Melanie Yule and Nicola Wicks went mad with anger.

Joel had gotten used to watching the mother and daughter smash things around the house like psychopaths.

“That’s impossible. Ahh, how could the Eldest Young Master and Catherine Jones have gotten married four months ago?”

Melanie’s entire face was twisted. “He said he never dated me at all. How could he do this? When he came to our house, he even held my hand. Mom, everyone outside is calling me a mistress now. They’re all saying that I’m shameless…”

“That d**n Shaun Hill. I never thought he’d do this.” Nicola was also dumbfounded.

These days, she had been immersed in the joy of the engagement between her daughter and the Campos family.

She thought Shaun Hill was finished and would never be able to get up again.

She even wanted Melanie to build a lofty image of someone who was mature about relationships and could let go if she needed to.

However, she did not expect their boat to sink the next day.

Shaun had a marriage certificate in his hand. It was an iron-hard fact.

Furious, Nicola turned her anger to Joel. “Did you know this from the beginning? You even said that Wesley Lyons was Catherine’s fiancée. Are you messing with us?”

Melanie was so sad that she lost her temper as well. “Dad, why didn’t you tell me? You only ever think of helping Catherine.”

“You two are really sick. I can’t live with you anymore. I don’t want this house. After Melanie’s marriage into the Campos family, we’ll get a divorce.”

Joel could not bear it any longer, so he immediately packed up his things and moved out from the Yule family villa.


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