Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 386

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“You’ll be engaged to the Campos family soon. Don’t care too much about what others say of you.” Nicola held Melanie’s hand. “With the Campos family backing us, it’s only a matter of time before Shaun Hill and Catherine Jones are dealt with.”

Melanie nodded. She would definitely return this insult a thousand times over. “Mom, is Dad really going to divorce you?”

“Your grandfather won’t allow it.”

In Hill Manor.

Early in the morning, Old Master Hill almost died of anger because of Shaun’s marriage certificate.

“That rascal, to think that he married Catherine Jones so long ago.”

Old Madam Hill rubbed her forehead. She still had not gotten her bearings back yet. “Well, he’s all grown up now, and he has fooled all of us. I even worried about his marriage like a fool.”

Valerie said angrily, “Mom, what Shaun said on TV was too much. Our family raised and nurtured him, but in the end, he made our family seem like snobs.”

“You speak as if we’re not,” Willie Hill could not help but mutter.

“Willie.” Spencer shot him a look.

“Don’t scold me. Why don’t we focus on the family instead? Now, Shaun’s reputation is taking a turn. If there’s a problem with Hill Corporation’s future developments, we’ll definitely be reduced to a joke.”

Everyone immediately turned to Liam.

“Liam, you better don’t let me down. I’m really disappointed with Shaun.” The Old Master looked at him and said.

Liam smiled. “Grandpa, don’t worry. Hill Corporation is the top enterprise in Australia. Although some people say that it was Shaun who made Hill Corporation what it is today, I think that it’s the connections our family gained over generations and our financial power which helped him. Hill Corporation has many talents, so his absence won’t have much of an impact.”

“You’re right.” Old Master Hill was very satisfied. “Shaun is too arrogant. He’ll regret it sooner or later. Now that he has left Hill Corporation, he’s nothing.”

The black Bentley left the villa.

Lea, who was sitting in the backseat, asked casually, “Liam, how’s the progress with the research and development of the microchip? The press conference will be held next month.”

“Mom, the chief engineer of the microchip development, Clifton Stone, led the group to submit their resignation letters.” Liam gripped the steering wheel tightly. His handsome face suddenly turned dark and cold. “I didn’t approve, but they haven’t been to the laboratory for several days.”

“What?” Lea looked up in surprise and immediately realized. “I remember now. Clifton Stone is a talent that Shaun Hill brought back from the States five years ago. Almost all the people in the lab were recruited by Clifton.”

“Yes, Shaun is most likely the mastermind.” Liam did not look good. “I was looking for someone to replace Clifton Stone, but we don’t have the time. People like Clifton can’t be found in just a month or two.”

Mason suddenly said, “No wonder, I had a feeling that Shaun left too easily. He stayed in Hill Corporation for so many years, yet he didn’t make a fuss at all. It turns out it’s because he still had a card left to play.”

“This microchip launch is very important. If it’s delayed, the competing companies will take the opportunity to rise.”

Lea frowned and reprimanded, “The situation isn’t great, yet you still boasted in front of your grandfather.”

“Mom, it wasn’t easy for me to take over Hill Corporation. I can’t let Grandpa think that I’m no match for Shaun after just taking office.” Liam pouted.

“Forget it. I’ll go to Shaun in the afternoon to investigate…”

“What for? You two have always been at odds with each other.” Mason patted the back of her hand. “Just forget it and let him return to the company. The two brothers can work together. Is there really a need to fight to the d***h?”


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