Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 387

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“Dad, you’re too idealistic. If I don’t fight, he’ll drive me out of the company once Grandma and Grandpa aren’t around. There can only be one person in Hill Corporation, and that person is me,” Liam said with a cold scoff.

“Alright, I also want Liam to take charge of Hill Corporation. Shaun wants to marry Catherine Jones, but he’s emotionally unstable and almost hurt Valerie back then. I dislike him even more now.”

Lea shook her head. If she could return to the past, she definitely would not have given birth to Shaun.

After lunch.

A gentle and comfortable warm breeze blew in from the window, blowing at Catherine languidly. She closed her eyes in a daze, wanting to sleep, but she suddenly felt someone kissing her face.

Who was it?

The familiar crisp cedar scent wafted from the other party did not disgust her at all.

Catherine’s sleepy eyes slowly opened, and she saw the dazzlingly handsome face. He looked more photogenic in person than on TV.

“Are you awake, you lazy piggy? You’ve been sleeping for more than two hours.” Shaun pinched her nose like a lovestruck man and said in a doting tone.

Catherine was in a trace for a moment and thought she was in Melbourne.

However, even back in Melbourne, he was rarely this gentle and doting.

“When did you come?”

She hurriedly sat up. He was just in time. She had many questions she wanted to ask him.

“Not long, about an hour ago. I came in just in time to see you snoring.” Shaun looked at his watch and teased.

“Nonsense. I don’t snore.” Catherine played out the image in her head and retorted in embarrassment.

“How would you know if you’re snoring when you’re already asleep?” Shaun had not seen her like this for a long time, so he deliberately teased her.

“…Fine, it’s good that I snore anyway. At least no one will come and sleep with me in the future.” Catherine rolled her eyes at him.

“You’re my wife. Who am I going to sleep with if not you?” Shaun smirked and narrowed his eyes at her.

“That’s enough, Shaun. We divorced a long time ago. I don’t know where you got that fake wedding certificate…”

“Who said that it’s fake? See for yourself.” Shaun took out some documents, one of which was given to him when she signed the divorce papers.

Catherine snatched it over to take a look. It was exactly the same as the original one. “We… didn’t we get a divorce?”

“To be exact, we just signed the divorce agreement. We haven’t completed the formalities yet.”

Shaun gave her a sidelong glance. “When we signed the papers, it was already at the end of the year, and the City Hall was also closed for the holiday. Who knew that we’d bump into each other so soon after you came to Canberra. Heh, you even found a fiance just ten days later.”

Catherine blushed with shame. In other words, she was the one who cheated in marriage?

“You weren’t bad either. You also found a girlfriend,” she quickly retorted. “Then, you even directly denied that you had any relation to her. I saw with my own eyes how lovingly you held her hand when you met her parents. I almost called you brother-in-law.”

“You’re jealous.” Shaun flicked the tip of her nose. He was particularly cheerful when he saw her rare mischievous look.

“You overthink. I’m not jealous.” Catherine looked away. Never mind hating him, with her looks, she was not even qualified to be jealous.


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