Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 389

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“Wait…” Catherine suddenly pulled him back.

“What?” She had not taken the initiative to stop him like this for a long time. Shaun’s handsome face beamed with a teasing smile. “Can’t bear to see me leave?”

Catherine bit her lips and lifted the sleeve on his left hand, only to see his arm wrapped in bandages. He was… really injured?

“It’s a small injury.” An unnatural look flashed in Shaun’s eyes, and he immediately withdrew his arm.

“How did you get hurt?” Catherine stared at him. If it were just a small injury, why would he tremble in pain with just a light touch?

“Are you concerned about me?” Shaun curled his lips into a smile. His deep voice was filled with joy. “Does your heart ache for me?”

“…Get out.” Catherine became annoyed from embarrassment. She thought that he cared about her, but… it was because he was still her husband on paper.

Shaun smiled affectionately and went to the washroom.

Inside, his handsome face was replaced by a wave of pain.

He unraveled the gauze layer by layer. Inside, the wound had formed bright red scabs, and the angry red lines looked frightening.

He stayed there for six or seven minutes.

Then, his cell phone rang outside.

“Your mom is calling.” Catherine looked at the phone on the bed and said.

Shaun picked up the phone in front of her, and Lea’s cold voice immediately sounded. “Are you free? Let’s have a meal together as mother and son.”

“Tsk, didn’t we already sever our ties as mother and son? You said so yourself.”

Lea snapped, “Shaun Hill, don’t go too far. I was the one who gave birth to you.”

“Yes, you gave birth to me, but you didn’t take responsibility to raise me. You’re such a good mother.” Shaun ridiculed. “I know what you want me to do. I won’t go.”

“You…” Lea s****d in a cold breath. “Fine, if you don’t agree, then don’t blame me for going to Catherine Jones. Do you think she’ll be afraid if I tell her about your past illness?”


Shaun’s face suddenly turned livid.

“Shaun, people are afraid of their weaknesses the most, and you’ve exposed your weakness now,” Lea said every word clearly. “Don’t force my hand.”

“You’ll regret this.” Shaun hung up.

Catherine looked up at him. Her intuition told her that something had provoked him. His eyes were bloodshot as if he was going to erupt at any moment.

To be honest, she was afraid of that expression. However, she knew his mother must have said something very unpleasant.

As a bystander, she could see that Lea Hill was really cruel. What mother would be so heartless to her son?

“What’s wrong?” She reached out to hold his hand. It was very cold, cold enough to make her a little heartbroken.

“It’s nothing. I’m going out.” Shaun rubbed her head and turned to leave.

At 4:00 pm, Chester came to visit her. “Is your appetite better?”

“I can’t eat too much, or else my stomach will hurt,” Catherine answered him seriously.

“Take it slow. Eat less but often. You should be able to leave the hospital the day after tomorrow. As for your face… come every two days to get it treated…”

“Doctor Jewell, do you know how Shaun injured his arm?” Catherine suddenly looked at him.

Chester stalled for a moment, wiping his glasses. “What did Shaun tell you?”

“He didn’t tell me anything.”