Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 390

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“Since he didn’t talk to you about it, then it’s not my place to say anything either.” Chester smiled politely. “You don’t have to overthink. Just know that he loves you.”

So everyone knew that he loved her.

Catherine slowly lowered her eyes. Yet somehow, there was a bad feeling in her heart that could not be dispelled. “But I want to know who hurt him. I’m worried he angered the Hill family because of me…”

“Shaun isn’t a simple person, so the Hill family can’t do anything to him. Don’t worry. Right now, only you can hurt him.” When Chester walked to the door, he turned around and smiled at her. “You’ve also started to care about Shaun. Does that mean you’re willing to forgive him?”

Catherine was stunned for a few seconds, and her face subconsciously heated up.

Chester chuckled. “Please stay with him. Shaun is a little grumpy, but it has to do with his upbringing. As you can see, most people in wealthy families are selfish and only think about their own interests. Shaun is actually quite pitiful.”

After he left, the phrase ‘Shaun is actually quite pitiful’ echoed in Catherine’s mind for a long time.

Who would have thought that the richest man in Australia would be described as pitiful?

However, when she thought about how he was isolated and abandoned by everyone in the Hill family, her heart could not help but ache.

At that moment, Aunty Yasmine entered and asked, “Young Madam, can I make you some porridge for dinner today?”

Catherine nodded and added a moment later, “Make some chicken soup too, and add some herbs in it.”

Aunt Yasmine was doubtful. “But the doctor said your stomach won’t be able to digest the tonic at this time…”

“…No, it’s for you and Shaun.” Catherine hurriedly looked down at her phone to cover up her embarrassment.

Aunt Yasmine pursed her lips into a smile. She had long seen through these two people’s affection for each other. Now that the Young Madam was finally willing to care about the Eldest Young Master, she hoped that their days would continue to grow better.

“Of course, I’ll make some, but Young Madam, I’ll tell the Young Master that you were the one who asked me to make it. Otherwise, he won’t take it. As you can see, he’s usually not very willing to eat my cooking.”

Catherine bit her lip. If he found out, he would be very happy to know she cared about him again.

She did not want to see his smug look.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. The Eldest Young Master’s health is more important. He hasn’t had something nutritious for a long time, and he’s too fussy about food.” Aunty Yasmine sighed.

Catherine thought about his wound and nodded helplessly.

In the evening, Shaun came over for dinner.

When Aunty Yasmine brought out the food, she smiled faintly. “This is the chicken soup the Young Madam specially asked me to make for you.”

Shaun’s eyes lit up and turned to Catherine, but she hurriedly lowered her head to eat and avoid meeting his eyes. However, the tips of her ears were already flushed red.

“Well, since it was specially arranged by my wife, I have to eat it.” Shaun let out a doting smile. He drank the large bowl of soup until nothing was left. He even finished all the dregs.

Aunty Yasmine was pleasantly surprised. “The Young Madam has to give the word. I’ve never seen the Young Master eat so many dishes.”

Catherine was speechless. He was not a small eater when he was in Melbourne, but he had so many bad habits when he came back to Canberra.

“I can’t help it. Since the Missus spoke, I have to listen obediently, or she might not let me go to bed at night.” A pleased smile spread across Shaun’s face.

Catherine could not bear to listen to him out of embarrassment and kicked him viciously.

“Beating is a sign of affection, cursing is a sign of love.” Shaun raised his handsome brows. He looked like he was unafraid of the consequences.

Catherine was completely helpless against him and could only eat her dinner silently.

At 9:30 pm, Catherine was ready to turn off the lights to sleep, but Shaun suddenly took off his clothes and climbed in quickly.

“Shaun Hill, go away…” They had been sleeping in separate beds ever since Catherine was hospitalized, so she kicked him away as she was not used to it.

“Ouch, it hurts.” Shaun made a pained expression.

“Stop acting. Your leg isn’t injured.” Catherine snapped at him.

“Are you trying to cripple me?” Shaun gave her a bitter look.


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