Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 391

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Right at this moment, Catherine was grateful that she had turned the lights off earlier. Otherwise, Shaun would have seen the embarrassment on her cheeks. Her d********d face would certainly be a sore sight.

“I wasn’t…”

“You were definitely trying to cripple me. Why don’t you check and see if I’m injured?” He laughed mischievously into her ears.

“Sure, I’ll have a look after I give you another kick.”

Finally, she lifted her leg once more.

He reacted quickly and grabbed her leg that was hanging in mid-air. “My good girl, do you really want to cripple me?”

Catherine felt a shudder run down her spine upon hearing that endearing term. She really could not fathom why the man was not bothered by her ugly face. “Shaun, can you stop it? I want to get to bed.”

“Husband and wife share a bed.”

After saying that, he even placed their marriage certificate right next to the pillows, as if worried that she might have forgotten about their marital status.

She was speechless as a complicated feeling materialized in her heart. “Aren’t you afraid of getting nightmares from seeing my ugly face in the middle of the night?”

“There’s nothing to be afraid about. As long as you’re still the same in other places.” His face revealed he was not in the least concerned.

Once again, her face flushed red within seconds. “You’re wrong if you don’t think I have the galls to cripple you.”

“Cathy, I’m just trying to tell you that nothing’s going to change how I feel about you. It doesn’t matter how you look.”

He went under the covers to embrace her tightly. She was unsure how to react to the genuineness in his voice.

This man was truly… Sigh, she had no words for it.

Did he really not care about her facial disfigurement?


“Do you believe me now? If not, I’m going to prove it with my actions.” Shaun looked at her in the eye intensely without holding back any emotions.

This took Catherine by surprise and she quickly nodded. “Fine, stop talking. I believe you.”

“Can I get a kiss?” He leaned closer to ask for a kiss.

She heard her heart pounding erratically beneath the skin.

This man… truly did not care about her appearance?

She could tell that he was not pretending.

The way he kissed her was still the same as before. Nothing had changed.

It was as if he would never get bored of kissing her at all.

On the third day, Catherine headed straight to Hudson Corporation after she was officially discharged from the hospital.

She had not shown up at the company for about half a month. The first thing she did upon her return was to organize an emergency meeting with the executives.

However, all of the executives were stunned into silence the second they saw her face.

She knew she looked horrible now but the doctor had mentioned it was important to let the wounds breathe. Therefore, she decided not to cover up her face today.

“Apologies. Many things have happened lately and my face… might never recover. I hope all of you are not too shocked by this.” She faced the crowd calmly.

The executives were impressed that this young woman in her early 20s was able to deal with an unfortunate fate with such composure.

“Chairwoman Jones, don’t lose hope. With today’s advanced technology, your appearance will certainly recover. It’s just a matter of time,” General Manager Wolfe said to comfort her.