Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 398

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“That’s right, I feel bad for you too,” Melanie echoed, “Besides, sometimes men say what they have to say for dignity’s sake.”

“Indeed, it’s important that a man guards his reputation. Ah, Young Master Campos, when I first arrived in Canberra and heard about the infamous rumor about you and the female university student, I thought the poor girl was going to have a change of fate. As it turns out, I was wrong.”

After pausing for a brief second, Catherine said seriously to Melanie, “My younger sister, since it’s your engagement ceremony today, I’d like to give you a genuine word of advice. Every woman will turn old or ugly one day. Beautiful women are everywhere yet inner beauty never fades away. This is the real secret of maintaining a long-lasting marriage.”

“You’re right, my wife.”

Shaun said before turning to look at President Thompson. “I bet you understand this really well. After all, President Thompson, you always go after girls as young as 18. I heard you’ve found yourself another young girl recently. Mrs. Thompson must know that she’s old, thus she turns a blind eye to it all. Sigh.”

All of a sudden, Catherine pretended to be angry and glared at Charlie. “Young Master Campos, you’re a good friend of President Thompson but I hope you’re not going to follow his way of life. You mustn’t disappoint Melanie, alright? ”

Charlie’s face was overcast after being humiliated like this at his own engagement ceremony. Melanie, who was quite smug earlier, also felt ashamed now.

She initially thought that Charlie was a pretty good man yet did not expect him to have a past with a young university student. The thought of it made her nauseous.

“No way. It was love at first sight between us. I’ll love and protect Melanie forever.” Charlie smiled unnaturally.

“I see. Well, Young Master Campos, it must’ve been difficult for you before this, trying to maintain this one-sided love. After all, you had to watch the love of your life pestering another man…” Catherine quickly covered her mouth with her hand. “Ah, pretend I didn’t say that.”

“Catherine, are you doing this on purpose?” Melanie became furious. “I had poor judgment in the past. Charlie is so much better than Shaun in every way.”

“I understand.” Catherine nodded affirmatively. “Especially now that Liam has taken over the family business. Otherwise, I don’t think you’d even throw him a second glance.”

“Stop with the nonsense…”

Melanie regretted inviting Catherine after seeing the color slowly draining off Charlie’s complexion.

She had thought of ridiculing Catherine but certainly did not expect the latter to have such a sharp tongue.

How could she be so arrogant even with the facial disfigurement?

“It’s alright, Melanie. Let’s go. We have more important guests to greet. People of their status don’t deserve too much of our time.” Charlie could not be bothered to keep on with the act any longer.

“You’re right.” Melanie linked arms with the man and walked toward the Hill family.

However, the two of them seemed a little awkward with each other after what they had just learned.

Upon looking at their receding silhouettes, Shaun pinched the tip of Catherine’s nose playfully. “Not bad at all. You even found out about Charlie’s past with the university student. How did you know about that?”

“Freya told me. She’s become acquaintances with several missus and madams of the affluent society and heard a lot of gossip from them,” she replied with a smile. “You’re pretty good yourself for finding out about President Thompson’s love affairs.”

“I know the personalities of those presidents too well.”

The two of them walked toward the crowd hand-in-hand.

In the past, Shaun would definitely be surrounded by people within seconds but all he received today was looks of ridicule and disdain. Many of them even gossiped about Catherine.

“Don’t take it personally. Soon… all these people will come to curry favors with you,” he whispered.

“I’ll pass. I don’t like being fawned over.”

Catherine pouted and saw Joel walking toward her. He looked at her face with pity. “Cathy, why didn’t you tell me about your face? What actually happened? Shaun Hill, you kept saying you wanted to marry my daughter yet this is how you protect her?”

Shaun frowned, looking displeased.

Joel continued yelling angrily, “I shouldn’t have listened to your sweet promises. I should’ve just left with her…”


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