Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 399

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“Dad, Nicola was responsible for my facial disfigurement,” Catherine interrupted. “Not long ago, I was locked away by the Hill family in their dungeon. Nicola worked with Valerie and instructed the staff to poison my porridge for this to happen.”

“What?” Joel was in shock. On second thought, it did sound like something Nicola would do. “I’ll go look for this crazy woman…”

“Dad, many distinguishable guests are here to witness the engagement ceremony between the Yule and the Campos families. It’s not the time to make a scene. Besides, Old Master Hill and the others are here too. I’m sure they’re not going to take your side.” She tried to change his mind.

Joel clenched his hands into fists. He was furious. “But your face…”

“Uncle Joel, some things take time,” Shaun said in a low voice, “I’ll make sure those who hurt Catherine will pay for their actions.”

Joel felt a heavy weight lift from his chest. He had enjoyed fame and success for the major part of his life. However, he realized he owed this daughter of his so much that he could never compensate her. “Cathy, I’ve decided to divorce Nicola after Melanie’s wedding. I’ll not change my mind even if everyone in the Yule family tries to stop me.”

She looked at the man in astonishment. Honestly, she thought he was too soft-hearted toward Nicola and Melanie…

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m telling the truth. I hold 40% of Yule Corporation’s shares. I’ve made up my mind to give you 35% and the remaining 5% to Melanie. I’ll get this down on paper with the lawyer as soon as possible.”


“That settles it. Just sit back and relax as the shares fall into your lap. I want to make sure you can live without worry for the rest of your life. That way, you can afford to buy yourself a young man even if someone disappoints you in the future.”

He looked provocatively into Shaun’s eyes after saying that.

Catherine almost choked on her saliva.

She did not expect her dad to be so open-minded.

“Dad, I’ll not disappoint her,” Shaun replied with a smile.

“Ha, men are full of lies.” Joel’s voice reeked of distrust.

“…” Shaun was at a loss for words.

Catherine chuckled at the exchange. Her dad’s sense of humor was beyond her expectations.

Nicola, who was watching the entire thing from a short distance away, clenched her teeth.

Joel seemed to be having a good time with his illegitimate daughter at Melanie’s engagement ceremony.

“Aunty Nicola, don’t worry. I’ll teach them both a lesson later.” Charlie followed the direction of her gaze as the corners of his lips twitched into an evil smile.

He was certainly not going to forgive those two for the humiliation earlier.

Nicole appeared hesitant. “But the rest of the Hill family are here too…”

“Perhaps there’s something you don’t know. The entire Hill family is enraged with Shaun right now. No one’s more eager than them to see Shaun fall.”

“Charlie, Melanie is the lucky one to have found you.” Nicole was so delighted she could not stop smiling.

The ceremony was about to commence.

The hotel usher led Shaun and Catherine to the table at the end of the hall.

“I’m sorry, these are your seats as only the most distinguished are allowed at the front tables.”

A light flickered in Catherine’s eyes as she looked over at the front of the hall. The rest of the Hill family were sitting at the center table at the front of the hall. Valerie was even looking at them in disdain when they were brought to the seats at the back.


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