Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 400

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“Alright, let’s have a seat.” Shaun led Catherine to the table in a calm and casual manner.

A variety of fruits and nuts were already placed on the table.

She shelled a couple of pine nuts but gave up quickly afterward as it was too much work.

Upon noticing that, he did the work and placed a couple of unshelled pine nuts in front of her.

She was touched by this sweet and thoughtful gesture.


Wesley’s gentle voice suddenly rang in her ears.

She lifted her gaze to the source of the voice. Wesley looked elegant in his blue suit and white pants. His eyes twinkled with shock and pity when he looked at her.

He took a step forward and lifted his hand subconsciously to caress her face.

Another hand grabbed his hand in mid-air. Shaun raised his eyebrows and hugged Catherine closer to him. “What’s the matter? Are you planning to harass my wife in public? That’s not a good move.”

“Shaun Hill, you’re no longer who you were before and I’ll win Catherine over in no time. You don’t deserve her.” After the warning, he turned to her and said gently. “Give me some more time.”

“Wesley, I didn’t expect to see you here today.” Catherine, who was stuck in the middle of two men, tried to steer the topic of conversation.

“I’ve been working together with Campos Corporation recently.”

As his voice trailed off, Charlie’s secretary came over and greeted him enthusiastically, “President Lyons, we’ve arranged a seat for you in the front. Only people who don’t matter get the seats at the back.”

“Is that so? But this is Eldest Young Master Hill…” Wesley, who had always despised Shaun, finally found a chance to ridicule the man.

“Eldest Young Master Hill? He’s not even qualified to be Young Master Campos’ servant.” The secretary snorted before leading Wesley away.

“Cathy, do you want to come with me?” Wesley suddenly extended a hand to the woman.

Everyone turned around to look at them strangely.

After all, people were jealous that two handsome men were arguing over a d********d woman.

A look of embarrassment washed over Catherine’s face.

“Wesley Lyons, how many times do I need to remind you that she’s my wife?” Shaun’s charming face was now sullen, and his voice reeked of intimidation.

“You want her to sit with you at the back of the hall?” Wesley said flatly though his eyes revealed a mocking intention. “Only the lowliest guests today are seated in this area. Some of them even spent money to get their way into this ceremony.”

He did not hold back with the rude remarks. The rest of them sitting at the table dared not say a word either. After all, they had truly cracked their heads to get into this engagement ceremony so that they could get acquainted with more people from affluent households. They were grateful to be given a seat at all.

Shaun smiled. “Wesley, are you annoyed that I humiliated you at Old Master Yule’s birthday celebration last time so you’re seeking revenge?”

The other man refused to answer. However, he was the only one aware of how much he was enjoying this moment.

The corners of Shaun’s lips twitched. “You portray yourself as a cultured and courteous man but as it turns out, it’s all a front. Look at how bad you sound trying to hit a person who is already down.”

This caught Catherine by surprise.

She understood that Wesley hated Shaun, but after hearing that…

In fact, Wesley did seem like a different man today.

She even saw a little bit of President Thompson in him.

Shaun turned around to pat her on the head. “My dear, some men are really good liars. Look, I never try to hide that I’m a mean person, unlike others who portray themselves as good men but are secretly treacherous.”

“That’s enough, Shaun Hill! Do you think I could speak to you calmly after you stole my fiancée?” His face was now overcast. “Catherine, come with me. I have the ability to take care of you now.”

“Um, sorry, Wesley… I think I’ll stay here.”

She looked at him with a sorry look on her face. “Please go. I’m not a good match for you with my horrendous appearance.”


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