Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 401

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“Did you hear that? My wife wants you to leave. Are all male homewreckers shameless like you?” Shaun hugged Catherine closer and said gently, “My dear, take a seat. I’ll continue deshelling pine nuts for you.

Something flashed across Wesley’s eyes as he looked at the woman who was resting her head against the other man’s chest. A shadow veiled his tense features before he turned around to move along.

Catherine sighed internally as she lifted her gaze to look at the man’s receding silhouette.

She really wished Wesley could move on soon.

Since she had made the decision to return to Shaun’s side, she knew it was unlikely for them both to be together again.

It was even more impossible now that she was still married to Shaun.

“Eat your pine nuts and stop thinking about other men.” He turned her face around. “Wesley is more complicated than you think…”


“Not everyone can attend this engagement ceremony. He’s not a local in Canberra and doesn’t have many connections, yet he managed to show up here today. Not to mention he secured a seat at the front four tables. Do you think he’s that innocent?”

Catherine had no words to say.

Indeed, she felt like Wesley was behaving rather unusually today.

After the ceremony.

The Campos family invited their guests over to the garden for the ball that would follow this afternoon.

The group of people began walking toward the door. Catherine was just rising to her feet when she felt someone bumping into her forcefully.

Immediately, a fat man turned his head around to point a finger at her. “You touched my butt with your hand!” he yelled.

She recognized the man instantly. It was Director Irvine who had tried to harass her at Hill Corporation’s charity dinner.

“What? How dare you take advantage of my husband?! A horrendous-looking woman like you wants to seduce my husband? Believe it when I say I’ll hit you to d***h.” The chubby woman next to Director Irvine quickly stepped forward with the intention to slap Catherine.

“Mrs. Irvine, do you want to lose an arm?” Shaun’s eyes reeked of intimidation as he grabbed the woman’s wrist.

“Help! Eldest Young Master Hill wants to break my arm!” Mrs. Irvine screamed hysterically all of a sudden.

The guests who were on their way to the garden turned their heads to the source of the commotion.

“Director Irvine and Mrs. Irvine, what’s happening?” Charlie approached them, looking concerned.

“Thank goodness you’re here. I was just walking by when this woman took advantage of me. My wife is angry and wants to teach her a lesson yet Eldest Young Master Hill suddenly threatened to break my wife’s arm.”

“Hey, Catherine, are you dissatisfied that Shaun is no longer the president of Hill Corporation, hence you’re hoping to hook up with someone else?” Valerie suddenly covered her mouth with her hand. “She still doesn’t behave herself despite the facial disfigurement.”

“That’s so disgusting. What a shameless woman!”

“Hurry up and apologize to Director Irvine and Mrs. Irvine.”

The surrounding guests began reprimanding Catherine.

Right this instant, Mrs. Irvine suddenly covered her eyes and began sobbing. “It’s more than that. Eldest Young Master Hill also broke my husband’s arm not long ago.”

“See, my arm is still bandaged.” Director Irvine grimaced. “He sure bullies intolerably.”

Old Master Hill’s face was overcast. “You’re crossing the limit. Shaun, quickly apologize to Director Irvine.”

Liam sighed. “Brother, Director Irvine is an important business partner of Hill Corporation. You’ve really crossed the line this time.”

“Is that so?” Shaun loosened the necktie with an indifferent smile on his face. “Director Irvine, how should I apologize so you would forgive me?”


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