Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 403

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 403

The crowd broke into chaos.

The members of the Hill family, especially, were looking at Shaun with widened eyes.

“What? You’re the founder of Shaunarah Corporation?” Old Master Hill was infuriated.

“Shaun, what are you thinking?” Lea found it hard to believe as well. “You were the president of Hill Corporation yet you were secretly building up Shaunarah Corporation as well? How dare you betray the Hill family?!”

“You b*****d, my biggest mistake in life is letting you take over Hill Corporation!” Old Master Hill wished he could swing a hammer at his grandson’s head right now.

“Dad, don’t be mad. It’s no big deal. A small corporation like Shaunarah can’t compete with our family’s business,” Valerie said grudgingly.

“That’s right. Hill Electronics is the most superior brand in the world. Shaunarah Corporation is trash in comparison to us,” Queenie echoed with a smile.

The tense features on Old Master Hill’s face finally eased a little. “Shaun, you’re no longer a part of the Hill family starting from today. Hill Corporation will do everything to bankrupt Shaunarah. Liam, I order you to destroy Shaunarah Corporation in three months and let it vanish in Australia.”

“Grandpa, I will.” Liam tried to suppress his concern.

Shaun smiled coldly upon seeing their faces. “Liam, haven’t you told them that Team Clifton of Hill Corporation’s electronics laboratory has resigned? Oh right, I forgot to mention that Team Clifton has already joined Shaunarah. We’re holding a global conference to announce the release of Oceanic Microchip at 11:00 a.m. this coming Friday.”

Everyone could not believe their ears.

Hill Electronics was supposed to announce the release of Oceanic Microchip, how did it fall into Shaunarah’s hands?

Liam laughed sarcastically. “Shaun, are you still dreaming? Hill Corporation spent three years working with Team Clifton to invent Oceanic Microchip. So what if Clifton has gone off to Shaunarah with all the relevant data? I can definitely recover the ownership of the microchip. At the same time, I’ll also sue both Clifton and Shaunarah Corporation.”

“Liam, you’re such a joke,” Shaun replied with a smile, “Have you ever read Clifton’s contract? Since the beginning, he had never signed a contract with Hill Corporation but with me personally. All the capital invested into the development also came from me alone. What rights do you have to sue Clifton?

“On the contrary…” He narrowed his eyes. “Both Clifton and I have the right to recover ownership of all the products we granted to Hill Electronics in the past. Liam, just sit back and wait for my legal letter.”

All color drained off every member of the Hill family’s face at the sound of that.

Liam’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper while Old Master Hill was shaking with rage.

“Shaun, you’ll be cursed with a horrible d***h!” Old Master Hill pointed at his grandson with a trembling finger. “The Hill family brought you up all these years and this is how you repay us?”

“Shaun, you can’t do that. Your decision will ruin us.” Old Madam Hill’s heart was in terrible pain.

“Grandpa, Grandma, I’ve given you a chance. Just a few minutes ago, I asked about your opinions but all of you only humiliated me further. Did anyone from the Hill family show me any respect?”

Shaun’s face was as still as water. Catherine was the only one who knew how badly his hand was shaking. The man was not only despondent but enraged.

“What has Liam contributed to Hill Corporation? All the other companies under Hill Corporation haven’t been doing well in recent years. It was I who brought Hill Electronics to its top position to become the corporation’s most profitable business. I established Shaunarah Corporation as a way out. If I had successfully inherited the shares to Hill Corporation, then I’d combine both the corporations into one. However, if the family gave up on me, then I’d proceed to take down Hill Corporation myself.”

He did not try to hide the determination and ambition in his eyes. “I’d never sacrifice myself for others without reaping any benefits.”

“Take down Hill Corporation? You can dream on!” Liam yelled at him loudly.

“We shall wait and see then. But how are you going to explain to the partners when you’re unable to hand over the microchip as promised?”

Shaun questioned before shifting his gaze to Director Irvine and President Thompson. “One of you is in the business of building computers while the other one is involved in manufacturing cars. If you’re unable to get your hands on the latest microchip, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be replaced by other companies in the industry.”