Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 404

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Both Director Irvine and President Thompson felt their knees buckle upon remembering that both of them had humiliated Shaun earlier. There was no point for them to cry over spilled milk now.

“Eldest… Eldest Young Master Hill, I was wrong for not seeing straight. Why don’t you break my arm?” Director Irvine was on the verge of crying now. “Or perhaps you’d like to slap me across the face?”

Shaun reached out to pinch the man’s greasy cheek. “You sounded quite arrogant earlier, huh? Did you say my wife touched you?”

“Eldest Young Master Hill, I’m so sorry.” The man knelt down on the ground.

“Go beg Liam instead. See if he can develop a new microchip within a week to help you out.”

He twitched his lips into a smile before walking hand-in-hand toward the door with Catherine.

At this moment, no one dared to stop them. Even Charlie and Melanie were restless and worried.

Just as he was about to reach the door, he suddenly turned around to look at the crowd coldly before finally landing his gaze on Charlie. “Young Master Campos, I’ll always remember this incident you planned for me.”

Charlie’s lips trembled instinctively. The outcome was completely out of his expectation.

“Besides, no one is allowed to humiliate my wife, Catherine Jones. Anyone who dares to say she’s not good-looking is openly provoking me.”

Then, he placed his arm around his wife’s waist and left the scene.

Melanie almost lost her mind as she looked at the man’s receding silhouette.

She had only chosen Charlie because she thought Shaun would never climb to the top of the ladder again. Unexpectedly, the latter was still shining brightly. Besides, without being restrained by Hill Corporation, he would definitely expand his empire further.

“Grandpa… Grandpa, what’s the matter…”

Someone suddenly shouted in the background. The engagement ceremony was complete chaos.

Old Master Hill felt his heart tightening because of extreme rage.

The members of the Hill family immediately brought the old man into the resting room.

“Liam, come over here.” He gestured at his younger grandson.

“Grandpa…” Liam stepped forward, feeling uneasy.

Old Master Hill grabbed his walking stick and threw it across the room at the young man’s shoulders. “Why didn’t you tell us about Team Clifton leaving the company?”

“Dad, calm down. Shaun’s too despicable.” Lea immediately stepped forward to shield her son.

“Did you know about this before today?” Old Master Hill coughed. “Evidently, Shaun has planned this out as a backup plan. I wouldn’t have fallen out with him if I had known earlier.”

“Dad, can’t you see? Shaun’s too ambitious and plans to take complete control over Hill Corporation,” Valerie said anxiously, “He wants the power you’re holding within your hands. What should happen to us if the family is under his control?”

Old Madam Hill sighed. “What should Hill Corporation do once Shaunarah holds the conference next week? Liam, can you find another team to work on the microchip? Even so, Shaunarah would probably release their second version of the microchip by the time we succeed.”

Liam clenched his hands into fists. A look of embarrassment washed over his face yet no words came out from his mouth.

Old Master Hill shook his head in disappointment at the sight of him. Shaun was despicable, but he could tell which one of his grandsons was truly capable.

Valerie’s eyes twinkled with brilliance. “Dad, we can demand Shaun to hand over the microchip data or we’ll publicize his mental illness and the time when he almost k****d someone. No one would dare collaborate with a president with mental illness.”

“How could you say that?” Old Madam Hill shouted, “He’s still your nephew!”

“Mom, he almost d********d me. Not once has he treated me as his aunty.” She snorted before turning to her sister. “Lea, what do you think about my idea? Since he cares about Catherine so much, we’ll let her know about his illness and I’m sure she wouldn’t dare to be with him again after that.”

A complicated feeling materialized in Lea’s heart. Although she had threatened Shaun about this before, yet…

She turned to face the other way. “Shaun’s a bloodline of the Hill family, after all. We can’t cross the line. Besides, we’re all responsible for his illness.”

“Seriously? I don’t understand. He’s such a despicable man but you’re still taking his side—”

“Shut up!” Old Master Hill finally flew off the handle. “Such a stupid idea! Get back to the office straight away to brainstorm for a solution.”

Valerie pouted, looking evidently displeased.


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