Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 407

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“I’ll take care of this. Do you remember how Sheryl died?”

“Alright.” Nicola’s eyes flashed with anger. “He can’t blame me for being cruel if he’s being merciless too.”



Catherine was leaving for work after breakfast. The second she walked out of the door, she noticed Shaun trailing after her. The man was dressed in his beige loungewear and had both hands in his pockets casually. His wheatish skin color reflected the charm of a mature man.

The elevator leading to the penthouse was under safety examination today, thus she had to use the public elevator.

She glanced helplessly at the handsome face in front of her eyes. This man really looked effortlessly exceptional no matter what he wore.

“Why are you still following me? Don’t you have to get changed and get to work?”

“I’ll walk you to the car.”

Her heart skipped a beat upon hearing his low voice that was overflowing with affection.

It was the rush hour to get to work, hence it was busy inside the elevator. Young women, especially, frequented the elevator at this hour.

Catherine noticed that almost every woman who got into the elevator would steal glances at the man standing next to her. Some of the bolder ones even subtly leaned into Shaun when someone else stepped into the small space.

Her brows twitched into a slight frown. Honestly, given the man’s appearance, her younger self would also steal glances at him. It was completely normal.

However, it was crossing the limit to take advantage of a man like that.

“Wifey, my hands are cold.” He suddenly embraced her from behind and placed his hands inside her pockets. That affectionate look on his face made all the other women melt.

Nonetheless, they were shocked at the same time.

It was difficult to fathom how a d********d woman could be with such a handsome man.

The women finally left the elevator when it arrived at the parking lot.

They fell into a heated discussion after taking a few steps away.

“That man must be a sugar baby. I heard that a mysterious magnate is living in the penthouse of our apartment. I bet it’s that woman.”

“Oh God, I’d like to be that wealthy too so I can get a handsome sugar baby like that man.”


Shaun’s face fell instantly.

On the other hand, Catherine chuckled involuntarily. “My handsome boy, you can head back upstairs now. Be good.”

The anger inside him dissipated the second he saw that joyful smile. The corners of his lips twitched. “My sugar mommy, give me a kiss and I’ll head back upstairs.”

Then, he pouted his delicate lips.

She found it unbelievable to witness this. What happened to that arrogant and cool Shaun?

“I’m going to ignore you.” The woman rolled her eyes at him despite her flushed cheeks and turned around to leave.

“Hang on. I’ve got a gift for you.” He tilted his chin and gestured to the right.

She looked in that direction and noticed a white sports car parked on the side. It had a cool exterior and an ingenious design. She had never seen this particular brand in Australia before but she had seen something similar while studying abroad. According to her classmate, the cheapest car from that brand would cost at least 50 million dollars.

Besides, its car plate number was 4EVA.

Forever and always.

It was such a cheesy pickup line.

However, it certainly managed to create fuzzy feelings in her heart.

Catherine was embarrassed but secretly delighted to see the car plate Shaun had specially made for her.

She had not thought he was a romantic man in the past, but he definitely had a few great tricks up his sleeves now!