Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 408

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“Do you like it?”

Shaun smiled softly before tilting his head to one side to observe Catherine’s reaction.

“Why did you buy me a car out of the blue? I already have one.” She tried her best to recompose herself from his teasing.

“That car is not good enough for my wife. I want you to have the best.” He pressed down on the key fob and the doors spread out wide like wings, revealing the luxurious yet elegant interior.

“I like it. Thank you.” She nodded genuinely.

She might have rejected the gift in the past.

However, she was his wife now, hence she felt it was appropriate.

“That’s it?” He raised his eyebrows playfully, evidently unsatisfied. “Nothing else?”

That look on his face made her blush instantly. “What more do you want? I’m your wife, so what’s yours is mine.”

“That’s right. Even my body belongs to you.” He leaned closer and pressed her against the door. After a long and passionate kiss, he reluctantly pulled away. “Baby, you’re getting prettier with each passing day.”

“That’s it. I’m leaving you for work now.” She could not handle this man anymore. The previously arrogant man had become overly cheesy.

However, this gave her some sense of security.

This man did not mind her ugly appearance; he still cared for her like before.

She drove the new car along the streets in the early morning.

This unfamiliar sports car and its unique car plate attracted a lot of attention from others.

She was stuck at the crossroad waiting for the traffic light to turn green when Freya called her.

“Tsk tsk, Cathy, the internet is overwhelmed by the video of a super luxury sports car. I’m so jealous.”


“Oh goodness, it’s a white sports car that’s apparently not available in the entire country. The netizens say the car is worth about 80 million dollars and it’s a special edition. Not even that, the car plate number is 4EVA, which means forever and always. It means so much more than just saying I love you.”

“…” Did that mean forever and always was not cheesy?

“Get Shaun to buy you one as well. He’s so wealthy but nowhere as romantic. I’ve sent you the video. Share it with him as a passive-aggressive reminder.”

“Actually… that car belongs to me.”


“The car that went viral online, the one with the car plate number 4EVA… It was gifted to me by Shaun this morning. I started driving it half an hour ago…” She had no idea that someone took a video of the car and made it go viral online.

There was a brief moment of silence on the other end of the phone before Freya started complaining, “Are you trying to make single people like me jealous? Isn’t Shaun a cold man who doesn’t know how to express affection? Since when did he become so romantic?”

“I don’t know.” Catherine chuckled blissfully. “Go find yourself a man if you’re jealous. It’s been so long since you’ve moved to Canberra. Has no man caught your eyes yet?”

“I’m not looking for a relationship right now…”

“Are you not looking for one because you haven’t let go of Patrick yet?” Catherine let out a sigh.

“Don’t mention his name. It makes me sick.”

“Alright, then. Keep being jealous of my 4EVA sports car.”

“Pfft, what’s so great about that? I’ll make my brother buy me one too.” Freya hung up the phone.


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