Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 409

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Catherine shook her head, smiling.

She received another wave of compliments again upon arriving at the office.

Harvey York, her assistant, came over with a smile. “Chairwoman Jones, you’re looking really good lately with all the good things happening. Everyone in Canberra knows Eldest Young Master Hill spoils you like a little baby. Oh right, this is the invitation to Holt Corporation’s business dinner. This is the invitation from the young lady of Heaven Corporation to their company’s fashion party…”

She was speechless looking at the thick stack of invitations.

“Shaunarah Corporation is about to launch their microchip, hence every business is trying to build good connections with Eldest Young Master Hill. Being his wife makes you another important person to maintain good ties with.”

“You’re right. It was so difficult to get even one such invitation in the past.” She smiled sarcastically. “Indeed, connections mean everything in Canberra.”

“It’s mainly because Eldest Young Master Hill is capable. Chairwoman Jones, you have great taste in men.”

She was at a loss for words. “Hand these invitations out to the other members of the board. They can participate on my behalf.”

“Sure thing.”

She received a call from an unknown number after Harvey left.

“Catherine, it’s been a while. I’ve arrived in Canberra. Do you have time for a coffee?”

Patrick’s voice sounded through the speaker. She laughed unconsciously to cover up her surprise. It was true that one should not gossip about those whom they had lost touch with or they would creep into your life soon again.


In the cafe in the office lobby.

Catherine met Patrick once again.

Evidently, the man had not been doing well lately. He looked much thinner than the last time they met. The charm on his face was replaced by rough edges, while his eyes revealed a hint of devastation and exhaustion.

However, she did not take pity on him at all. He only had himself to blame.

“Long time… no see.” A strange expression flashed across his face upon seeing Catherine’s appearance.

“You can save our time if you’re here to discuss my appearance,” she said flatly.

“I understand. Your status is different now. Everyone in the country knows that the chairwoman of Hudson Corporation is the wife of Eldest Young Master Hill. It seems that I had always underestimated you in the past.” The man’s voice revealed a hint of remorse.

She thought he was behaving strangely. “Get to the point.”

“I want to know where Freya is. She’s changed her phone number,” he explained weakly, “I’ve not been able to contact her all this while.”

“All this while?” She laughed coldly. “Freya has indeed changed her phone number and even stopped checking in with her old friends after moving to Canberra. But my number is still the same. You could’ve called me any time but you didn’t. Not until today.”


“It’s been almost three months after you broke up but you’ve only started to look for her now.”

She gave another sarcastic sneer, saying, “Did you think she was throwing tantrums or being unreasonable again? Were you planning on ignoring her for a little while, thinking that she’s never really going to leave you? You thought she would get in touch first but she hadn’t done so in a few months. It’s only now that you realize she might be serious so you want to look for her, don’t you?”

He was embarrassed by the insults. “Catherine, I’ve been with Freya for a few years already and we even talked about getting married this year. This is not a joke. What we have is real.”

“Sorry, but I don’t think so.”

She flew into a rage. “You always rush to Linda whenever she needs you. You did that on the day you were supposed to meet Freya’s parents for the first time and I think you’d do the same again on your engagement day or even the day of your wedding. Freya’s right, you should be with Linda as the two of you are more suitable for each other. Stop trying to mess up Freya’s life again.”

“I really just see Linda as a younger sister…”

“Excuse me for being frank, but no one can tolerate a man who always puts his non-blood-related younger sister before his girlfriend or wife.” She rose to her feet after saying that. “You used to say that I was deliberately ruining your relationship with Freya. You’re right, I won’t let you hurt her again and I sure won’t tell you her whereabouts.”


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