Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 410

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“Catherine, don’t cross the line. This is between me and Freya.” Patrick was angry now. “Don’t think that you can act arrogantly because you’re now Eldest Young Master Hill’s wife.”

“So this is how you see Freya’s friends… You’ve never respected her and you certainly don’t deserve her.”

Catherine picked up the coffee and left after saying that.

“I’ll be staying in Canberra for some time and I’ll not leave until I see Freya.”

His furious voice rang behind her but she turned a deaf ear to his words.

Back in the office.

Shaun suddenly called Catherine. She answered while drinking the coffee.

“I heard you went on a coffee date with another man behind my back…”

“What?” She spat out the coffee in her mouth, annoyed. “Did you hear this from Elle again?”

“Not this time. You’re my wife, and that title makes you almost like a celebrity. Paparazzi are watching you everywhere but I managed to step in before the photos were leaked.” He seemed to be rapping his fingers against the table on the other side of the phone. “How do you know him? Even my legs look better than his ugly face.”

She was enraged about her loss of freedom. “He’s Freya’s ex-boyfriend. He wants to know her whereabouts but I didn’t tell him anything.”

“Mhm, don’t go out with unknown men again in the future.”

“Aren’t you busy with the approaching launch of the microchip? You sure sound like you’ve got a lot of free time on hand.”

She got frustrated upon hearing his domineering tone.

“I’m occupied with work but I need to keep a closer eye on my wife,” he replied flatly, “Many men out there are interested in married women nowadays.”

“You’re overthinking things. No one’s going to be interested in my horrendous looks.”

“I don’t know what you mean. You’re perfectly beautiful in my eyes.”


Catherine could not handle these unexpected compliments, and her heart pounded erratically. “Why have you been saying so many honeyed words lately?”

“I’ll let you hear even sweeter words if I get to eat the roast pork you make.” Shaun’s gentle laughter sounded more melodious than the music from a cello.

Her cheeks blushed. “Sure, but do you know any good man you could recommend to Freya? She needs a new relationship to forget about her b*stard ex-boyfriend.”

“No…” he replied after a brief consideration. “Rodney’s not bright, Chester’s not loyal, and Chase’s character is questionable.”

‘Aren’t you a good friend,’ she thought to herself. However, she had to agree with his comments on Rodney and Chester.

“I think Young Master Harrison is not bad,” she said, “He’s righteous, optimistic, humorous, good looking…”

“I had no idea you thought so highly of him.” He smiled indifferently. “What about me?”

She covered her palm on her forehead. “We’re talking about…”

“Tell me.” The man’s voice reeked of determination.

She thought about this seriously for a few moments. “Um, you’re handsome… good-looking… rich… fit…”

Catherine could not think of anything else. On the other hand, she could write out a long list if Shaun had asked her about his poor qualities.

“Even strangers would be able to say those things. Can you say something else?” He scoffed out of anger. “Catherine, I finally know how many lies you told when you were trying to woo me in Melbourne. I’m really disappointed in you. You never cared for me the way I cared for you.”

He hung up abruptly after that.