Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 411

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“…He’s crazy.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.

Did he think he was still a three-year-old kid?!

Forget it, she would go home and cook roast pork for him.

After getting off work, Catherine went to the supermarket and bought some pork.

She turned on the radio while she was driving.

A piece of breaking news that just came in was heard on the radio. “We bring you the latest update. The director of Yule Corporation, Joel Yule, was involved in a car accident with a lorry half an hour ago. The driver died at the scene while Joel Yule was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but his current condition is unknown. According to some news from the scene, the situation was tragic. It’s likely that tomorrow’s stock market will be heavily affected…”

The words that came afterward shot through Catherine’s ears in a blur. She was in shock.

Although the time she spent with Joel was short, he was still her only family left.

He had gotten into an accident?

She turned the car around hastily and rushed to the hospital.

The corridor of the emergency room was crowded with members of the Yule family.

When Nicola, who was bawling, saw Catherine, she charged at her angrily and hit her. “You’re such a jinx! Joel got into an accident as soon as you returned. It’s all your fault.”

Catherine slapped her hand away annoyedly. She scolded her with bloodshot eyes, “My dad is inside, and it’s still uncertain whether he’ll live or d*e. Rather than being worried about your husband, you, as his wife, are deliberately taking your anger out on me. Are you mad?”

“Who said I’m taking out my anger on you? It’s obviously your fault.” Nicola faltered for a second under Catherine’s sharp gaze. “Of course, I’m worried about Joel. I’m worried about him more than anyone else.”

“Then hold in your anger. Everyone’s having a hard time, so stop quarreling. I finally found my dad and we were only reunited for a short while. I don’t want to lose him.”

Catherine’s tone was filled with plea and anguish. The way she looked at Nicola was as if she was an unreasonable person, and this made Nicola furious.

“What do you mean by that? It was you—”

“Enough, shut your mouth.” Old Madam Yule was overwhelmed with grief, but after hearing Catherine’s bitter words, she also thought that Nicola’s behavior was unacceptable. “Catherine’s right. Joel is still being rescued inside. Will you give it a rest?”

Nicola was embarrassed for being told off. She just covered her face with her hands and started bawling in the corridor.

One hour later.

The doctor came out and said regretfully, “I’m sorry. Mr. Yule’s life is saved for now, but he’ll most likely be unable to wake up.”

Nicola was anxious. “You mean that he’ll be in a vegetative state?”

The doctor nodded. “But there’s still hope. Some patients wake up even after being bedridden for a few years or more than ten years.”

“Oh, my poor Joel!” Old Madam Yule wailed in sadness. “How did this happen? He was just fine. How did he get into an accident?”

“Granny, don’t be sad. I believe Dad will definitely wake up.” Melanie cried too. Although Joel had been biased toward her nowadays, at least in the past he had treated her well.

“I’ll wait for your dad to wake up even if I d*e in this lifetime,” Nicola sobbed while covering her eyes. “Mom, Dad, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Joel.”

Old Master Yule nodded sadly. Just as he was about to talk, Catherine spoke hoarsely, “Grandpa, I would like to take care of Dad personally. Firstly, the time I spent with Dad was too short. I want to fulfill my filial duty. It doesn’t matter even if he’s in a vegetative state. At least I can look at his face more.”

“Child…” Old Madam Yule was touched.

“Secondly, Shaun has a close relationship with Young Master Jewell. Young Master Jewell’s medical skills are exceptional. The top private hospitals in Australia are mostly owned by Young Master Jewell as well. Even if Young Master Jewell can’t be of any help, Shaun has wide connections, so maybe he can get renowned doctors overseas to treat….”


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