Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 412

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”No way,” Nicola said, “Joel is my husband. How can I let you take care of him? Speaking of renowned doctors, I know a lot of them too.”

“That’s right,” Melanie nodded and said hatefully, “Even if someone else has to take care of Dad, it’d be me. You’ll never have the chance. Don’t forget that you’re not even listed in the Yules’ family register.”

“Compared to the Jewell family, do you think that you know more doctors than they do?” Catherine retorted.

Nicola was speechless for a moment but insisted and said, “Anyways, I’ll never give you the rights to take care of Joel. I couldn’t compete against your mom before. Now that Joel is unconscious, don’t tell me that I can’t even compete against Sheryl’s daughter.”

Looking aggrieved, she started crying again.

Catherine’s words had initially swayed both Old Master Yule and Old Madam Yule, but now they felt that it was unfair to Nicola.

Catherine ignored Nicola and focused only on Old Master Yule. “Grandpa, you know better than anyone else that Dad has been adamant about getting a divorce with Nicola lately. However, now that Dad has gotten into an accident, they remain married. Therefore, my dad’s property distribution will rightfully go to his spouse, children, and parents.”

Old Master Yule was taken aback. Nicola threw herself at Catherine and pushed her. “What are you trying to imply? Do you think that I tried to k**l Joel? Catherine, you’re a vicious woman, but don’t think so lowly of others. I love Joel. I love him more than anybody else.”

“I didn’t say it was you. I’m just reminding Grandpa and Granny that it wouldn’t benefit you at all if Dad wakes up.” Her tone was sharp. “Of course, I’m not doubting that you have ulterior motives. I just think that it’s better to keep an eye out since wealthy families are not like common families.”

Old Madam Yule was convinced. “Okay, I agree to let you take care of Joel.”

“Mom, do you believe her words? That I’ll hurt Joel?” Nicola cried out agitatedly, “If outsiders heard this, what would they think of me?”

“Aunty, I’m doing this for your own good.” Catherine had a sincere expression on her face. “Since my dad has gotten into an accident, Yule Corporation must be in a mess now. Don’t you and Melanie need to run the company? Normally, Melanie only knows how to enjoy herself and go shopping. It’s time she starts taking on responsibilities now. You should assist her as you’re her mom.”

Melanie was taken aback by her words.

Nicola opened her mouth to retort, but Damien, who was sitting silently in the wheelchair all along, suddenly said, “Sister-in-law, what she said is reasonable. As a wife, you should investigate the cause of the car accident as well.”

“…Okay.” Nicola glared at Catherine. “You must take care of Joel properly. If anything happens to him, I won’t let you off the hook.”

Catherine smiled bitterly. “Of course, I will. There are no advantages for me if Dad passes away. If I was aiming for him, I can’t see him if he dies. If I was aiming for his wealth, I won’t even get a single penny. Compared to me, Melanie is so much more fortunate…”

She sounded nonchalant, but Old Master Yule and Old Madam Yule were quick-witted. They immediately understood who would reap the most benefits if something happened to Joel.

Naturally, it would be Nicola and her daughter.

Everything was fine all along, but the car accident suddenly occurred. That made them feel suspicious.

“Dad, the company’s executive called and said that many reporters are gathering in front of the company building. The situation is very unstable now,” Damien said.

“Your brother will be unconscious for quite a while. You’re temporarily in charge of the company now. As for Melanie, she needs to go to the company immediately too. You should assist her well.”

Damien smiled wryly. “But I’m not good at handling the company matters…”

“You must do it even if you can’t.” Old Master Yule had a stern look. “The Yule family can’t collapse.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best.” Damien nodded.