Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 413

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After settling Joel down, Old Master Yule and the others exited the ward. They met Shaun who rushed over.

“Eldest Young Master Hill…” Thinking about Shaun’s future development, Old Master Yule went up hurriedly and shook hands with him.

“Hello, Grandpa Yule. I heard about Dad’s condition from Chester. I’ll definitely get the best doctor for his treatment.” Shaun’s tone carried the respect that a junior should have for his senior. His attitude was completely different from when he accompanied Melanie to Old Master Yule’s birthday banquet.

“Thank you.” Old Master Yule stared at Catherine. It was apparent that Shaun cared a lot for this granddaughter of his.

It seemed that he had to treat Catherine better in the future.

After all, the Yule family had lost its backing after Joel got into the accident. They still had to rely on the husbands of their granddaughters.

He thought for a moment and then turned to Catherine, saying, “Don’t be overly depressed. You’re still young and should continue walking on your path. You can drop by the house frequently to visit us. If you wish to enter Yule Corporation, just tell us anytime.”

Catherine was surprised, but she quickly understood. The people from the Yule family were really… snobbish.

“Grandpa, how can you agree to let her enter Yule Corporation?!” Melanie screamed. She could not accept it at all.

“Enough. Catherine’s still your sister, and she can assist you in the future too.” Old Master Yule left with Old Madam Yule after he finished talking.

Melanie stomped her feet in dissatisfaction. She turned around to glare at Catherine, but Shaun’s handsome and blinding face met her eyes instead. Her heart throbbed. “Eldest Young Master…”

Shaun did not look at her at all. He walked over and circled his arms around Catherine’s waist, consoling her softly. “Don’t be sad. You have me from now on.”

Melanie was about to go crazy from jealousy upon watching that scene.

Shaun had never treated her so gently before.

Although Charlie treated her well, he still lacked wisdom compared to Eldest Young Master Hill. Moreover, he did not have a handsome figure like Eldest Young Master Hill either.

She bit her lip with resentment and blurted out, “Don’t get cocky, Catherine. Grandpa only did that out of respect for Eldest Young Master Hill. If not, you’d never be part of the Yule family.”

Catherine was speechless. “Melanie, I’m really impressed. Dad is unconscious now, but you, as his daughter, are still getting jealous over such things.”

“It’s none of your business,” Melanie sneered, “Let me tell you, then. There’s a person whom Eldest Young Master Hill treasures. That’s a person you can never—”

“Melanie Yule.” Shaun cut her off sharply, his gaze expressing coldness as a warning. “If you dare say another word, I’ll make you regret that you have a tongue.”

“Eldest Young Master Hill, Melanie is in a bad mood. She’s just talking nonsense.” Nicola sensed that Shaun was furious, so she immediately grabbed Melanie and walked away.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, even if you don’t let me speak, every single person in the wealthy families in Canberra knows it. Catherine will find out sooner or later…” Melanie’s unrelenting voice traveled across the corridor from afar.

The ward was silent except for the sound of the electrocardiograph machine.

Shaun looked at the woman beside him nervously. However, he only saw Catherine calmly fetching some hot water to wipe Joel’s face. It was as though the words Melanie just said had nothing to do with her.

“Babe, about what Melanie said, don’t…”


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