Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 415

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“I’m just curious. Is it possible to hold the urge if he doesn’t get married when he’s this old already?”

Shaun raised his eyebrows and threw Catherine an ambiguous glance. “Of course, it’s possible. I was always alone before I met you.”

“…Then what the h**l was your ex-girlfriend?” She could not hold it in anymore. Some words might not be spoken aloud, but she should not be treated as a fool.

Shaun’s expression changed drastically. After quite a while, he spoke with mixed feelings, “I…”

However, Catherine did not want to listen to him continue. She switched the topic, saying, “If a man doesn’t get married, it’s either he’s incapable of s*x, or he has someone in his heart. I think he might be in love with Nicola.”

Shaun said, “…No way.”

“You don’t believe me?” Catherine frowned. “A woman’s instinct is very accurate. I read psychological books in the past. For those who have been disabled since young, some of them are positive and happy, while some of them develop a dark personality.”

“No matter what, this is just your guess. There has to be evidence. But the person who hurt your dad must be afraid that he’ll regain consciousness. That person may even do the deed himself…”

“I think so too. Now we wait. When someone starts moving, only then can we catch the mastermind.”

Catherine exchanged a knowing gaze with Shaun and he understood it immediately. As expected of his woman. He was initially afraid that she could not cope with the complexity and confusion in Canberra.

She was making progress faster than he thought.

The next day, just as the sky brightened.

Hadley brought over the investigation results. “There’s nothing wrong with the driver of the lorry who was involved in the accident. It was Director Yule’s sedan that lost control and hit the lorry at a turn. The police did an autopsy on Director Yule’s driver and found that his stomach had a large amount of d***s.”

“The driver had hallucinations from consuming d***s?” Catherine was surprised.

“This should be the main cause of the car accident. However, according to the forensics, the driver hadn’t been taking d***s for a long time, so he might have consumed them by mistake. But the driver is d**d, so no one knows who he was in contact with when he was alive and who gave him the d***s. D**d men tell no tales. Fergus was investigated as well, and it seems that he has nothing to do with this case.”

Catherine was slightly disappointed, but she had expected that since the perpetrator dared to hurt Joel, they would have been well prepared.

“Take it slowly. As long as we keep a close eye on the hospital, the mastermind will surely be exposed.” Shaun reassured her.

Catherine nodded. She knew there was no use being impatient now. “By the way, the company is holding a press conference the day after tomorrow. Is everything ready yet?”

“What do we need to prepare?” Shaun grinned at her.

Catherine was stunned momentarily. “Some data or something. Why are you asking me this? I don’t know a thing about electronics companies. Everyone in Australia has their eyes on the press conference the day after tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry. I just need to eat the roast pork that my wife makes and I absolutely won’t have any problems.” Shaun’s expression was calm, but his eyes were filled with anticipation.


Catherine cringed. He must miss her roast pork a lot.

Hadley, who was standing at the side, could not hold his laughter and burst out laughing.

“What are you laughing for? Get out.” Shaun shot him an icy glare.

“Why are you being so fierce to him?” Catherine looked sympathetically at Hadley’s back as he left. The people who could stand his temper were already close to extinct.

“He’s not my wife anyways. Are you saying that I have to be gentle to him?” Shaun grabbed her hand. “I’m only capable of being gentle to you now.”

Catherine went absent-minded for a moment, but she regained her senses quickly.

She was already covered with wounds, and in Shaun’s heart remained a person who could not be erased. She could not give him all of her, or she would face even greater hurt.

“I’m trying to be romantic with you, yet you’re distracted?” Dejected, Shaun pulled her into his embrace and bit her on the lip as if it was a punishment. “Do you love me or not?”


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