Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 416

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Was this supposed to be normal? The topic jumped from one to another too fast.

If it were back then in Melbourne, Catherine would have answered that she loved him without hesitation. However, now…

Her short hesitation made Shaun’s heart sink. “Is it so hard to answer this question?”

“Hubby, you should go to work now.” Catherine pushed him away and went upstairs.

Shaun watched as she left, and his gaze became gloomy.

He was not that stupid that he could not sense how she had simply said those words.

After arriving at the company.

He searched the web irritatedly: [Why women don’t get jealous?]

Answer 1: [This woman is independent. She is rational and restrains herself even if she’s dating.]

Answer 2: [This woman has a strong heart. She has complete trust in her other half and gives her full understanding to him.]

Answer 3: [She doesn’t love you enough.]


What the h**l was the third answer?

He smashed the cup he was holding on the spot.

Hadley, who heard the commotion, came in and looked at him worriedly. Eldest Young Master Hill’s temper was getting worse lately.

He could not understand. Eldest Young Master Hill was all lovey-dovey with Miss Jones, but he would get angry in an instant.

Hadley was concerned. Eldest Young Master Hill’s sickness seemed to be worsening.

On the other hand.

In the spacious office, Catherine checked Yule Corporation’s shares.

Joel had gotten in an accident.

Yule Corporation’s shares were supposed to plummet today, but the shares unexpectedly continued to rise steadily.

She increasingly felt that Damien was not an easy person.

While she was pondering, Freya called her. “Guess where I am?”

“I’m not in the mood to guess.”

“Fine. I just arrived at your company. I had a feeling you’d be in a bad mood since your dad got into an accident. As your bestie, I bought the tastiest dessert in the whole of Canberra and came over here to accompany you.” Freya laughed. “I don’t believe Shaun is as attentive as me. Hmph.”

Catherine was stunned for a moment and then said quickly, “Don’t come to the company. Turn around, get into the car, and leave.”

“Catherine, what do you mean? I was being nice and drove from afar to console you. I was even stuck in the traffic for an hour…”

Just as Freya was having an outburst of anger, she saw a refined, handsome silhouette walking toward her in long strides.

Her throat became hoarse.

The person in her memories whom she tried so hard to forget suddenly appeared before her eyes.

She felt breathless. It was as if something had exploded inside her head. She was nervous, flustered, and at a loss.

“Freya…” Patrick walked up to her front.

During this period when they were apart, the girl who once followed him all over the place had become so dazzling. She had loose, honey-colored curly hair. She was wearing a red-knitted long cardigan with an oversized long white T-shirt beneath and a pair of Dr. Martens boots. She had some light makeup on, but her deep features had slight mixed-race characteristics, so she gave off a lazy yet attractive temperament.

Back then, she would look like she thinned a little whenever they made up after breaking up.

However, this time, she looked glowing and revitalized as if she was reborn.