Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 417

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For the first time, Patrick had a feeling that he could not get her.

“Alright, looks like you met Patrick already.” On the other side of the phone, Catherine laughed bitterly. “He came and looked for me yesterday. You guys should talk.”

“…Okay.” Freya gradually calmed down. She raised her head and looked at her ex-boyfriend.

“Freya, why didn’t you tell me that you came to Canberra to work?” Patrick smiled at her bitterly. “You blocked all my phone calls and WhatsApp messages. Are you still angry even after making a fuss for so long?”

“Making a fuss?” Freya’s heart grew cold. After all this time, he still thought that she was just throwing a tantrum as usual and that it would pass as long as he coaxed her?

“Fine, I admit that I was in the wrong that time. I’ve reflected on my mistakes. But it has been so long since that incident, so don’t be mad anymore. When we go back, I’ll meet your parents at their house to apologize. We can get married immediately.” Patrick held her hand.

He was really unused to the days without her around.

He used to think that dating was troublesome. Even if he was busy at work, he still had to make time to accompany her.

However, after she left, he began feeling empty during his free time. He would feel an indescribable sense of panic.

He admitted that he had not treasured her properly in the past and took her for granted, thinking that she would always stay by his side. Therefore, he ended up neglecting her a lot.

He would not do that anymore.

“I won’t go back.” Freya remained still. “I’m working at Osher Corporation now, and my future career advancement is good here.”

Patrick was taken aback. “Wasn’t your previous job in Melbourne going well for you too?”


Freya suddenly felt like crying. Exactly how unconcerned about her was he before? “Patrick Jackson, I stayed in Melbourne before this just for your sake. I have everything figured out now. I’m still young and pretty, so I want to explore the outside world more. I don’t want to get married. Why should I step into the grave of marriage so early?”

“Stop being unreasonable. Your greatest hope was to get married to me in the past—”

“I don’t want it now,” Freya interrupted him. “Patrick, I already told you very clearly when we broke up last year. We’re done. I’m not joking, don’t come and look for me anymore.”

She turned around and walked away.

Patrick was dumbfounded. He chased after her and grabbed her hand. “Freya, I don’t believe it. We’ve been together for so long and we broke up and made up so many times. How can you just say that we’re done? I swear, I’m absolutely not in love with Linda—”

“Then can you promise me not to contact her forever besides going to her funeral when she dies? You can call her right now. I’m giving you the last chance.” Freya stared into his eyes.

Patrick was in disbelief. “Must you be so absurd? At most, I’ll promise you to lessen my interactions with her. I’ll also ask her to get a boyfriend as soon as possible—”

“Enough. You say this every single time. I refuse to listen to your nonsense anymore.”

Freya was extremely annoyed.

“Why must you force me?”

Patrick continued grabbing her and refused to let go. “Freya, enough is enough. Do you know how much work at the company I’m putting off these two days just to wait for you outside Hudson Corporation?”

“Shut up if you don’t know how to talk.” Freya was infuriated upon hearing his words.

Would anyone woo their ex-girlfriend back like that? It was like he was doing charity work.

“You weren’t like this before. Are you being instigated by Catherine? Why do you always listen to her? She came to Canberra and you followed. Now that she’s married, you can’t possibly follow her around forever,” Patrick blurted out in a rush.


Freya almost died from anger.

If they were not in public, she would have taken her heels off and hit him with them.

Rodney was exiting the building after a project discussion when he saw that scene.

He tsked.

He had an impression that this woman was full of lies, and the way she spoke was harsh. Now, she was even getting involved with a man on the streets, and that man was obviously her boyfriend.

It just so happened that she had humiliated him before, and now he had the chance for revenge.

He grinned evilly and went over in long strides. “Hey, babe, who’s that?”