Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 419

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The woman who kissed him earlier was wiping her face and mouth vigorously as if she had kissed something d***y.

“Freya Lynch…” Rodney was deeply infuriated.

“Do you need some tissues?” Freya took a piece of tissue and passed it to him. Her deep eyes were still glistening with tears, just like an innocent kitten.

Rodney took the piece of tissue annoyedly and wiped his mouth forcefully. “So d***y.”

“I think so too.” Freya nodded as she felt the same way. “Kissing a stranger who I don’t love is so uncomfortable.”


Could she not sense that he was trying to humiliate her?

Rodney felt that his anger was being ignored, and his heart was almost in pain from being angry. “What are you crying for? You’re reluctant to leave that guy, yet you humiliated him. Don’t you think that you’re pretentious?”

“You certainly don’t have a girlfriend,” Freya suddenly said, “You were so unskilful at that kiss just now. It can’t possibly be your first kiss, right?”


Rodney was deeply embarrassed that she had figured him out. He could not help but spit out vulgar words.

“Looks like I guessed correctly.” Looking at his expression that was about to explode from fury, Freya’s mood strangely lightened up. “Don’t you know that women like to be pretentious? Guys who despise women being pretentious will never get a girlfriend. Learn something.”

Rodney gritted his teeth. “Freya, I helped you out just now, at the very least. Is this how you treat your benefactor?”

“Did I beg you to come? It seemed like you were the one who ran here willingly and called me ‘babe’. You even said misleading things. Don’t think I don’t know that you were up to no good.”

Freya scoffed and walked away. She then saw Catherine who was coming her way.

Catherine halted when she saw Rodney who was behind Freya. “You two…”

Rodney made a loud ‘hmph’ and left looking offended.


Catherine was speechless. Were her eyes blurry? Why did Rodney seem like a big softie at this moment?

“Why is he here? Did you guys fight again? Where’s Patrick?”

“He left. We completely broke off this time. He said he wouldn’t look for me anymore.” Freya glanced up and smiled, but her eyes were red.

“It might be better this way. We need to look ahead. There are a lot of good men in Canberra.” Catherine held her hand and they headed inside the company together.

“I don’t care. I’m miserable right now. You have to keep me company.”

“I can’t tonight. I promised to go home and cook for Shaun.” Catherine invited her, saying, “Why don’t you come to my house to eat?”

“Never mind, I have no desire to see Shaun’s poker face,” Freya said glumly, “Now that you’re married, you have no time to accompany me. I suddenly feel so lonely.”

“…That’s why you should go on a date and fall in love.” Catherine let out a deep, long sigh. “Look at me. After getting married, I can’t even go out to have a meal with the opposite gender. Even if I’m going out with girls, I still need to report to him. I need to go home immediately after work as Shaun will be unhappy if I go back home late.”

“Forget it. I think I don’t want to get married, after all.” Freya was terrified after listening to Catherine.

In the evening.

Shaun had not returned yet when Catherine arrived home.

Aunty Yasmine had already prepped the vegetables. Catherine took a look at the vegetables on the cutting board and said, “You didn’t cut enough meat, and the vegetables aren’t enough either.”

“But this is already a lot.” Aunty Yasmine was astonished. “Usually, it goes to waste…”


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