Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 420

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“I make four servings every time, and Shaun finishes all of it.” Catherine took some more broccoli out from the fridge.

Aunty Yasmine was curious. “Could this be the power of love? I watched Eldest Young Master Hill grow up. His appetite has never been good. It’s as though he doesn’t like to eat anything at all and it was good enough even if he just ate a bowl of rice.”


To be honest, if Catherine had not spent time with Shaun in Canberra, she would never believe Aunty Yasmine’s words.

Now that she thought about it, he had certainly enjoyed her cooking back in Melbourne. It was just that he never spoke his mind and commented that her cooking was only so-so.

It was so pretentious of him.

However, there was someone who liked the food she made. That made her more enthusiastic about cooking.

“Later, you’ll find out just how big his appetite is.” Catherine started slicing the pork.

Cooking roast pork required a lot of time.

While she was waiting, she read some news on her phone.

However, when she saw that night’s top trending search, [Eldest Young Master Hill Has M******d Someone In The Past], she was in a daze.

She had a bad feeling.

Joyfolk Financial Times: [Australia’s First Young Master’s True Colors. Eldest Young Master Hill has a history of serious mental illness. He was sent to a mental hospital after attempting to m****r his nanny. It’s terrifying. There are pictures as evidence.]

Catherine’s heart trembled. She tapped on the pictures.

There were a few pictures of a young boy. The features and outline of the boy’s face were exactly how Shaun looked when he was young. One photo showed him holding a knife with blood on his face and hands. His eyes had an intense glare, and his young face looked contorted and scary. There were another two pictures. One showed him being captured by the police while in the other, he was wearing a white shirt after getting admitted into a mental hospital.

[I heard of this illness before. In our area, there was a mental patient who m******d someone. These kinds of people are truly scary.]

[Oh my gosh, that’s so terrifying. He even wanted to k**l his nanny who took care of him. He’s a lunatic.]

[Why was he discharged from the mental hospital? What if he hurts someone else again? I heard this illness needs prolonged medication. If not, it’ll recur.]

[I heard that he’s the founder of Shaunarah Corporation. Can someone with an illness like this still run the company?]

[Do you guys think his wife knows about his illness? Won’t she wet her pants if she sees this news?]

[Of course, she didn’t know. Who would want to marry a man with homicidal tendencies? Does she not want to live anymore?]


Catherine saw there were more than 10,000 comments online. Her head was about to explode.

She remembered the scene when Shaun had hurt her last time. After that, sometimes when she angered him, his gaze would become very scary.

There was the time when his arm had gotten mysteriously hurt too.

Thinking back, she felt goosebumps.

How could that be?

Although she also thought that Shaun was bad-tempered and very moody, she had never once thought that he would be a mentally ill patient. After all, he looked pretty normal.

Right, the medications.