Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 421

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 421

Catherine rushed upstairs and discovered a few bottles of medications from the drawer in the study.

She searched the names up on the phone, and two of the medications were mood stabilizers and antipsychotics.

That news… It was true?

He previously wanted to k**l the nanny who took care of him, and now, he had even hurt her. Later on, would he be thinking of…

She felt chills going down her spine and did not dare to go downstairs.

“Young Madam, Eldest Young Master Hill hasn’t returned. Do you want to call him?” Aunty Yasmine appeared at the door. She saw the medications Catherine was holding, and her expression froze. “These medications…”

“Aunty Yasmine, you said you watched Shaun grow up. Then you should know… that he’s mentally ill, right?” Catherine’s face was pale, and her lips were trembling.

Aunty Yasmine was at a loss. She wiped her hands on her apron. “Where did you hear it? This is impossible…”

“It’s all over the internet.” Catherine showed her the pictures. “Aunty Yasmine, is all of this real?”

Aunty Yasmine was in shock upon seeing the pictures. “Who published those things? This is too much… Young Madam, you must trust Eldest Young Master Hill. He’s a good person.”

“But his usual personality is indeed aggressive, irritable, and extreme. These medications are proof of that too.” Catherine held the bottles of medications tightly and murmured, “Aunty Yasmine, I’m usually scared of him too. I was hurt by him before, and it was a scary experience. I just want to know the truth.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you. I just hope you won’t misunderstand him like the outsiders.”

Aunty Yasmine let out a long sigh. “Eldest Young Master Hill had this illness when he was eight. At that time, his parents were already divorced and Lea did not care about him at all. In the Hill family, Old Master Hill was a cold person who only concentrated on his career. Old Madam Hill loved Eldest Young Master, but she had many children and grandchildren. She needed to socialize as well, so she simply did not have the time to care for him. No one noticed that the nanny was abusing Eldest Young Master because they were indifferent toward him.”

“Abused?” Catherine was shocked.

“Yes. When Eldest Young Master Hill was young, he felt insecure and cried very often. Of course, that was just a child’s tactic to get their parents’ attention. But the nanny thought that he was annoying, so she often secretly locked him inside the closet and starved him. During winter, she would even remove his clothes and leave him cold and hungry.”

Catherine felt her chest ache with bitterness. She had experienced that feeling of cold and hunger before, but Shaun was just a kid at that time.

How could someone be so cruel to a child?

“Eldest Young Master Hill complained about it before, but he had no wounds on his body. Therefore, everybody thought he was just wrongfully accusing the nanny.”

Aunty Yasmine said, “Eldest Young Master’s father did not care about him either. He was drunk every day. Then, when Eldest Young Master was eight, Brennan went overseas with a woman. When he left, he cut all ties with Eldest Young Master and told him not to look for him anymore because looking at him reminded Brennan of his unhappy past. His leaving was the final straw that crushed Eldest Young Master…”

Catherine found it difficult to speak. “So…”

“Yes, Eldest Young Master went into depression. He neither talked nor ate. He even stabbed the nanny when he couldn’t stand her abusing him anymore. When Old Madam Hill checked the security cameras, we found out that the nanny had indeed abused Eldest Young Master, but it was too late. Eldest Young Master was already sent to the mental hospital where he received treatment for three years. After he returned, he regained the Hill family’s attention through his hard work and became what he is today.”

Aunty Yasmine’s eyes reddened. “Young Madam, it’s normal to be afraid of Eldest Young Master Hill. But I hope you won’t despise him or leave him. He’s really pitiful. If he loses you, he’ll lose everything and won’t be able to take it.”

“…Okay, I won’t.” Catherine nodded. Her heart still felt traces of pain.

Who could imagine that a prideful and distinguished man such as him was hiding a sad, painful childhood?

She suddenly felt like hugging him tightly. She wanted to tell him that she would give him the happiness of a family that he had lost for the rest of her life.

Even if other people feared him, she would no longer be frightened.

She remembered something in a flash. Would Shaun’s condition be aggravated if he saw those pictures?

She called Shaun, but no one answered.

She could only call Hadley. “Hadley, where’s Shaun? I saw the news. Where is he now?”


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