Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 423

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“Shaun, calm down. I’m your mother,” Lea said hoarsely with a shaking voice, “What you’re doing now is outrageous. You’ll be cast aside by the whole world.”

“Ha, am I not being cast aside by everyone right now? Why did you give birth to me? You’re the evilest woman in the whole world. You disgust me!” Shaun shouted with all his might. Half of Lea’s body hung in the air, and she was about to fall.

“Are you really going to k**l me? You madman!”

“I’m a madman, and you were the one who drove me to the point of insanity.” Shaun was triggered by her again. When he was about to lose control of his mind, he heard Catherine’s scream behind him.

“Shaun, no!”

Shaun’s body shook, and his handsome face became pale instantly.

He did not dare to turn around and look at her.

He was afraid that he would see a face filled with contempt and fear.

Tired. He was truly tired.

He felt that his illness was more aggravating each time ever since it recurred. His chest was filled with hostility.

Previously, he could control himself not to hurt Lea. Today, he just could not control himself anymore.

He did not want to be locked up in the eerily white mental hospital again.

There were forever only four sides of the walls there.

No one would care or worry about him.

“Shaunny, come here.” Catherine held her breath and walked toward him step by step.

“Enough, don’t come over anymore!” Shaun yelled at her angrily. His handsome face was filled with agony. “I’m sick. I’ll hurt you. Do you know that?”

Catherine saw this unfamiliar side of him. Her heart ached as tears spilled out of her eyes. “I’m not afraid. No one was born to be like this. You’re innocent. Those who hurt you are the ones who are in the wrong.”

“Stop talking. I don’t believe you.” Shaun shook his head absently. “My mom lied to me the same way in the past, and she sent me to the mental hospital the moment she turned around.”

Lea’s expression stiffened. “With your condition at that time, if I hadn’t sent you for treatment—”

“Shut up!” Shaun suddenly became agitated. “You were the one who single-handedly caused my illness. Where were you when I was locked up in the closet for three days and three nights? Where were you when I was even stripped of my clothing in the winter and almost died from the cold?”

He became more agitated as he continued speaking, and he was on the verge of losing control again.

Catherine was utterly at a loss. At that moment, Chester came to her side with a needle in his hand. “I’m afraid that you’re the only person who can approach him now. Inject this needle in his arm and he’ll faint.”

“But I’ve never injected a needle before…”

“You can do this.” Chester stared at her without budging. “Don’t let Shaun pass the point of no return.”


Catherine took a deep breath and hid the needle secretly. She moved toward Shaun slowly.

“I told you not to come over. Don’t you understand me?” Shaun noticed that she was nearing him and shouted at her.

“I can’t just stand by and watch you get into trouble!” Catherine yelled even louder at Shaun with reddened eyes. “Shaun, you can’t be so selfish. My face was d********d because of you. Wherever I go, people mock me for being hideous. You said that you wouldn’t be ashamed of me. You promised to give me happiness and that you would even use a lifetime to prove it to me. Is this the way you’re proving it?”


Shaun looked at her small, tear-streaked face. Suddenly, he was at a loss just like a kid. “I…”

“Do you still not understand? I’ve always loved you. I’ll still like you no matter what you become. I won’t be scared of you because of your past. It’s the exact opposite. I’ll only feel pain for you, and I want to give you warmth for the rest of your life. You’re ill, and that’s fine. I can be by your side. If you can’t recover in a year, I’ll still be with you for a lifetime.”

Catherine neared him step by step, and her throat choked. “Similarly, if I’m the one who’s sick, you won’t abandon me, right?”

Shaun was taken aback, and his wild gaze gradually became stagnant.

Catherine took the opportunity and jabbed his arm. He turned his head around and looked at her. He did not put up any resistance, and his gaze gradually lost focus.

His hand that held Lea loosened, and he collapsed to the ground.


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