Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 424

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Catherine immediately embraced him and whispered into his ear, “I promise you that I won’t leave. When you wake up, I’ll make roast pork for you.”

Shaun’s eyebrows that were tightly knitted in a frown slowly relaxed. He fell unconscious and looked just like a child who was sleeping soundly. No one could have imagined that he was a sick patient who went insane a moment ago.

Lea sat on the ground after getting rescued. Even after a long time had passed, color did not return to her face.

Liam ran over and helped her up. “Mom, I’ve already contacted the mental hospital. They’ll dispatch a car to pick Shaun up.”

Lea was stunned.

Catherine glared at him. “Who told you to make that call?”

Liam said bluntly, “If we don’t send him for treatment, with his current condition, do you want a life to be lost?”

“He’s right. It was so terrifying just now.” Mason held Lea’s hands and said in fear, “I was scared out of my wits. Just a little bit more and he would’ve pushed you over. It’s you this time, but when his illness recurs again, who will be the next…?”

He spoke hesitantly, but Lea was swayed. “It’s better to send him to the hospital for treatment. It’s not like he hasn’t been treated before…”

Catherine could hear no more. “Didn’t you hear what Shaun said just now? The fact that you lied to him and sent him to the mental hospital in the past has already left a scar on him. As a mother, you only know how to pass him over to a cold hospital. You don’t deserve to be a mother at all.”

Shame and embarrassment flashed through Lea’s expression.

Liam frowned. “What do you know? If we don’t lock him up, he’ll hurt someone else again. He could even hurt you.”

“That’s my business.”

Catherine felt pure anger for Shaun. “Liam, it’s easy for you to say this because it wasn’t you who was locked in the hospital. Since young, you’ve had your parents’ love. Even after growing up, your mother still thinks of countless ways to hand the Hill family over to you. But what about Shaun? Why did he become mentally ill? It’s because he was locked in the cabinet alone when you three were a happy family. When your parents brought you to travel all around the world, he was deprived of food and warmth because of his nanny’s abuse. It’s fine if you’re all cold-blooded and feel no guilt at all, but can you take pity on him for just a single bit?”

Liam’s expression became ugly from being scolded, and all color drained entirely from Lea’s face.

Catherine sneered, “You even told me before this that you felt we shared the same fate. It’s hilarious now that I think about it. You’re just boundlessly greedy. You have everything, yet you wanted to snatch Hill Corporation which was the only thing that Shaun possessed. He only regained affection from the Hill family through the help of Hill Corporation. He cares about you guys, but you bunch of people hurt him every single time.”

“Are you done scolding us?” Liam gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Catherine threw a hateful glance at them. “About Shaun’s mental illness being exposed, no one else could be behind this except for you, the Hill family. We’ll make you pay back this debt.”

She looked at Chester after she finished speaking. “Let’s take Shaun and leave.”

Chester glanced at her in admiration and nodded. He carried Shaun and went downstairs.

“You guys…”

Liam wanted to go after them, but Lea pulled him back. She shook her head sullenly. “Forget it…”

Mason had a worried expression. “But…”

“I should be held responsible for Shaun’s illness.” Lea had mixed feelings.

She had disliked Shaun’s existence all along. It was because of him that she had to marry a person she did not love.

The last time she felt guilt for Shaun was when his illness relapsed when he was eight.

However, later on, she had her career, family, and Liam to take care of. When she finally came around, Shaun had stayed at the mental hospital for a few years and recovered already. He turned cold and ruthless after his recovery, making her despise him even more.