Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 427

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Chester said, “If your illness gets triggered in front of the cameras, Shaunarah Corporation will be d**d in the water and your life will be over.”

“Stop it.” Shaun’s eyes flashed with grimness.

“Have faith in Catherine. She’s not that weak.” Chester took out his phone and clicked the app which was broadcasting a live stream. “Now, let’s see how she’s performing.”

The live stream for the press conference held by Shaunarah Corporation that night had garnered over 200 million viewers.

Dressed in a black gown, Catherine was giving a speech on stage.

It was the first time she appeared in public as Shaun’s wife.

Those who had never seen her used to assume that she was a great beauty, considering that the most brilliant eldest young master in Australia fell deeply in love with her. Nevertheless, the minute she appeared in public, everyone was dumbfounded.

Shaun even noticed that a lot of the audience kept flooding the comment box.

[How could it be? She’s so ugly]

[D**n, what happened to her face? It’s really ugly]

[Could it be that something went wrong with Eldest Young Master Hill’s eyes since the time he suffered from mental illness?]

Shocked, Chester immediately turned off the comment box.

However, Shaun had already caught sight of the comments and exploded with rage. “These people are out of their minds. Are they interested in watching the press conference or beautiful ladies? Jot down their usernames. I’m going to disable their access to the live stream.”

Feeling awkward, Hadley swiftly changed the topic. “Well… Eldest Young Master Hill, look. Young Madam has begun to speak. She has an air of authority and charm.”

Shaun glared at him. He did not need Hadley to remind him as he could see it with his own eyes.

It was his first time seeing Catherine stand out.

The press conference tonight had drawn the attention of many technology companies in Australia as well as foreign companies.

During the press conference, Catherine lifted the microphone in a relaxed manner. She tapped the microphone to test it before she began speaking, “Hello, everyone. I’m Shaun’s wife, Catherine Jones. I’m here to host the press conference on Shaunarah’s Oceanic Microchip. This is the first batch of the best microchips produced in Australia. The founder of the microchip, Shaun Hill, was supposed to introduce the product in person, but Mr. Hill could not come due to personal reasons—”

Before she could finish speaking, a reporter from Joyfolk Financial Times interrupted her speech, “Is it because his mental illness has been triggered? Did he really k**l the nanny who looked after him since he was young? He doesn’t have to go to jail after k*****g her because of his mental condition, right? Or is it because of his noble status that he’s not locked up?”

Once the reporter initiated the subject, many other reporters began to ask her about it.

“We heard that an ambulance from the mental hospital went to his mother’s villa yesterday. Was his illness triggered again?”

“Why has he not been sent to the mental hospital yet? Will he hurt others next time?”

“Can people with mental problems like him lead Shaunarah well? Could there be an issue with the microchips?”

“Now that you’re living with Shaun, aren’t you afraid? Has he ever hurt you?”

“Not only is there something wrong with Shaun’s eyes, but he also has bad taste. Otherwise, why did he choose you as his wife?”


Catherine was bombarded with countless nasty questions from the reporters below the stage. The constant camera flashes hurt her eyes as well.

Even so, she continued to wear a gentle and polite smile.

Five minutes later, the reporters were tired of asking questions. When they began to quiet down, Catherine opened her mouth. “Are you guys done asking questions?”


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