Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 428

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Catherine’s question was met with silence.

“Well, I can finally speak now. Regarding Shaun’s illness, it’s true, but he didn’t hurt his nanny for no reason. This is the medical report regarding Shaun’s treatment when he was eight. He was diagnosed with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder because he had been suffering from abuse for a long time. It’s a fact that he had long been abused by his nanny.”

Catherine glanced backstage, and an old video appeared on the monitor.

In the scene, a police officer was seen interrogating a middle-aged woman with unkempt hair and wrinkles on her face. “What would you do when he cried?”

“I’d take off his clothes and lock him in the closet.”

“How long would you lock him?”

“Normally one to two days. The Hill family couldn’t be bothered about him, so no one knew. He wouldn’t d*e after not eating for two days.”

The police officer was enraged. “Did you do that in winter too?”

“Yes. When I noticed that he would faint at times due to the cold, I immediately pulled him out and told the Hill family that he got a fever because he didn’t wear enough clothes. The Hill family believed me. What’s more, considering how Shaun is usually distant from everyone, they’ve all taken a dislike to him.”


After the five-minute video ended, silence fell upon the venue. A lot of female reporters flew into a fury.

Catherine took a deep breath, and her eyes were slightly red. “What I’m trying to say is that he didn’t k**l the nanny. He just stabbed her because he lost control and reacted against her after being locked for three solid days. Later, he stayed in the mental hospital for three years. The doctor said that he would rarely relapse after this, thus he allowed Shaun to be discharged.

“However, news about his condition and his old photos began to circulate widely yesterday. Indeed, he was deliberately provoked on the day before this press conference for the microchip. When I left the house, he was still unconscious. The press conference nearly had to be called off.”

All of a sudden, Catherine’s eyes became fierce. “Clearly, the person who maliciously circulated the photos is trying to add insult to injury. We can compete as businesses, but we can’t cross the baseline of morality. Throughout these years, Shaun has donated 200 billion dollars to charity, created numerous job opportunities, and assisted a lot of families. What has he done wrong? Has he ever hurt you guys?”

Everyone present at the press conference went quiet. A reporter finally apologized, “I apologize to Eldest Young Master Hill for my behavior just now. I’m sorry.”

“Same here. My question might have gone too far.”


“It’s fine.” Catherine pursed her lips and smiled faintly. Her eyes settled on the reporter from Joyfolk Financial Times. “If I remember correctly, it was Joyfolk Financial Times that shared the news about Shaun’s condition and photos. You were also the first one to initiate the subject here today. Have Shaun and I offended you?”

The reporter from Joyfolk Financial Times flushed. “I’m just fulfilling the duties of a reporter.”

“Really? As a reporter of financial news, you seem keen on digging into private matters rather than asking me questions related to the company’s development and financial matters,” Catherine mocked him with a laugh, “The Campos family paid you a large sum, huh?”

The Campos family?

A commotion erupted in the venue.

“Seriously? What is the Campos family planning to do?”

“You still don’t see it, do you? The Campos family is the family of Liam’s father, and Liam is the president of Hill Corporation. Obviously, this incident has to do with the Hill family. Don’t forget that Shaunarah Corporation and Hill Corporation are now business competitors.”

“D**n. Shaun belongs to the Hill family, after all. Have they no shame?”

“If they had any sense of shame, would Shaun have been abused by a nanny at a young age?”

“What the f*ck?! What sort of people are the members of the Hill family?”


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