Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 430

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Shaun gave a disapproving look. “You’ve already been working for me for a long time. If you couldn’t even get this settled, you shouldn’t even work for me anymore.”


Hadley and Chester kept their mouths shut now. It seemed that his wife was the most f*cking awesome person to him. She was the biggest contributor and whom no one could be compared to.

The press conference lasted for three hours.

After it ended, Catherine returned to the seaside villa.

When the driver opened the car door, she got out and spotted Shaun standing on the lawn by the pool. He wore a pair of soft casual pants and a shirt that was not tucked into his pants like how it usually would. He seemed relaxed like this.

A sea breeze blew past his shirt and the black hair on his forehead

At first glance, he looked ten years younger than he was. He seemed like a university student, looking pure and clean. However, his skin was too pale.

At that moment, Catherine became soft-hearted amid her confusion.

She slowly walked toward Shaun and raised her long lashes. “Sorry for acknowledging your illness in public. Will you blame me?”

Shaun slid his hand across her hair and hugged her. “You’ve become more brilliant, my woman.”

“Aren’t you… mad?” Catherine was taken aback. “I thought you’d mind letting others know about your illness?”

“I won’t mind as long as you stay by my side.” Shaun cupped her face and fixed his black eyes on her. “Are you really willing to stay by my side during my treatment?”

“Yeah.” Catherine nodded determinedly.

“But I’m not sure when I’ll be cured of my illness. Perhaps it can never be cured. What’s more, I’ve hurt you. I’m afraid that I might lose control sometimes.” Shaun’s eyes revealed anxiety and misery.

“Shaunny, as long as you’re willing to have your illness treated, I won’t give up on you.” Catherine bit her lip as if she was resolute. “Let’s have a child together.”

Shaun was shocked. “But you didn’t want to have one before.”

“I’ve discussed your condition with Young Master Jewell, Shaunny. Deep down, you’re longing for a family. The family that belongs to the two of us will only be complete with a child.” Catherine looked up with a gentle gaze. “I believe you’ll be able to slowly forget those painful memories of your childhood after we have a child together.”

“Thanks, babe.”

Shaun hugged Catherine tightly, and his eyes narrowed. “So… let’s go and make a baby now?”


Flushing with embarrassment, Catherine pinched him on the waist. “It’s daylight now. How shameless of you! I haven’t even had my lunch. Step aside.”

“We’ll do it after lunch, then?”

“Shaun, are you done? I spent the whole of last night memorizing the data. I’m exhausted.”

Catherine feigned anger and scowled at him.

“I appreciate your hard work, my dear,” Shaun responded compassionately.

“There’s no point just saying it. Massage my shoulders after I finish my lunch,” Catherine ordered him before he walked into the villa.

“What did you just say?” Shaun seriously doubted if he had heard it wrong.

How dare this woman order him to do things for her?!

“Won’t you do it for me?” Catherine gave him a grim look. “Because of you, I didn’t sleep the whole night. The data still makes my head hurt.”

Seeing her bloodshot eyes, Shaun was speechless for a moment.

After changing into house slippers, she entered the dining room. Aunty Yasmine brought her the dishes after warming them up. Catherine turned her head around and glanced at the man. “Serve the rice for me.”

Shaun glowered at her with dark eyes. “I’m the patient now.”

“Are your hands and legs crippled?” Catherine blinked and looked him up and down. “No.”


Shaun strongly doubted whether the woman was trying to pay him back for what he had done to her previously.

“I’ll do it, Young Madam.” Aunty Yasmine had no idea what was happening between them. She turned around to get the rice.

“No, Aunty Yasmine. This is the act of romance between us.” Catherine rested her chin on her hands. Her bright large eyes settled on Shaun mischievously.

Her gaze melted Shaun’s heart. “Fine. I’ll do it.”


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