Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 431

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Shaun headed to the kitchen to get the rice. With a smile, Catherine whispered to Aunty Yasmine, “I know about his condition, but I think it’s better to treat him as a normal person in our daily life. The more cautious we are, the more sensitive and concerned he would feel.”

Aunty Yasmine finally understood. “You’re awesome, Young Madam. By the way, Eldest Young Master Hill hasn’t eaten. You have to make him eat later.”

Soon, Shaun took a bowl of rice.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

“I’ve eaten a little. I’m not hungry.” Shaun placed the rice in front of her.

“You’re lying. Aunty Yasmine told me that you have a poor stomach, so you need to eat something.” Catherine forced him to sit down. “You must eat something.”

“I don’t feel like eating…”

“Let me feed you.” Catherine took a shrimp and stuffed it into his mouth.


D**n. He used to find the taste of shrimps awful, yet why did this taste so good all of a sudden?

“Feed me one more shrimp,” he continued to order her after s********g it.

“Try and eat it on your own.” Catherine put the fork into his hand.

“No. I don’t feel like eating it.” Shaun looked away, showing a resting b*tch face.

Catherine was helpless. Please, he did not look like this when he ate the shrimp just now.

Was it because the food she fed him tasted different?

Anyway, he could not be left starving.

With no other choice, Catherine fed him and ate her food at the same time.

Without her realizing it, Shaun had eaten two bowls of rice when she only had one bowl.

A look of surprise washed over Aunty Yasmine’s face. “It’s been a while since Eldest Young Master Hill has eaten so much rice. It looks like he needs you to feed him, Young Madam.”

Catherine was at a loss for words, wondering why she did not realize this childish side of Shaun back then.

All of a sudden, she felt a pinch in her shoulders.

She turned her head around and met Shaun’s awkward eyes. “You asked me to give you a massage after lunch, right?”


Catherine was slightly relieved. At least her effort to feed him was not in vain.

A moment later, she yelled in pain, “Do it more gently! It hurts.”

“I’m already doing it very gently.”

“No, please don’t massage my shoulders anymore. It really hurts.” Catherine swiftly escaped his devil-like clutches. “Do something else for me, then. Help me hand-wash my clothes after I take my bath.”


Shaun gritted his teeth. “Catherine, are you trying to pay me back for the chores I made you do back then, such as doing the laundry and cleaning?”

“You’re right. That’s because you tortured me that way previously.” Catherine stuck her tongue out at him in a playful manner. “I want you to experience my struggles from before.”

With an evil laugh, Shaun carried her and headed upstairs. “Okay, let me bathe you.”

“No. Get lost, you hoodlum!”

The young couple’s sweet laughter sounded from upstairs.

With that, relief overcame Aunty Yasmine. It was very smart of Young Madam to deal with Eldest Young Master Hill’s situation like this. Little did Aunty Yasmine expect that Eldest Young Master Hill would still be able to experience so much joy.

40 minutes later, Catherine came out of the bathroom after a comfortable bath. She sat in front of the dressing table drying her hair.

After having her hair blow-dried, she returned to the bathroom.

Shaun was sitting inside, clumsily helping her scrub her… underwear.

Catherine’s face went scarlet within seconds.