Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 433

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Shaun smiled. “Great job. You’ve learned quite a lot of quotes from romance movies, huh? When we first met, you flirted with me with the quote ‘I can’t help feeling happy now that I’ve met the love of my life’. Tell me what else you know. Try and apply it now.”


His mocking words left Catherine speechless.

At last, she felt helpless and wrapped her arms around his neck coquettishly. “Sorry, hubby. Anyway, I’m not lying at the moment. Now that you want me to tell you when I started falling for you, I really can’t pinpoint it to a specific moment. It was probably during one of those days when we spent time together. It could also be when you heroically saved me again and again. By the time I came to my senses, I’d already fallen in love with you.”

Her words melted Shaun’s heart. “Really?”

“Yeah. In fact, when I first met you, I thought that you were the handsomest man I’ve ever met in my life, but you didn’t have a great personality. You always treated me with indifference and even made me cry with rage several times. Otherwise, I would’ve fallen for you much earlier. Actually, it was easy to fall for you.”

Catherine cupped his strikingly handsome cheeks. His face was reflected in her eyes.

Shaun kissed her passionately on the lips. “How great you are at flirting with men. How many men have you previously flirted with?”

“Only you. You’ll be the only one as well.” Catherine hugged him tightly.

Shaun’s Adam’s apple moved, and his voice turned hoarse. “Good. You make me feel like having a child with you.”

Catherine’s face went scarlet. As she was hesitating whether to nod, Shaun’s phone rang all of a sudden.

After glancing at his phone, he frowned and held it beside his ear.

Old Master Hill’s furious voice sounded. “B*stard, keep an eye on your woman! She’s actually asking for a return on the copyright for Hill Corporation’s microchip. It looks like she’s overconfident of her abilities.”

Catherine raised her brows.

Shaun glanced at her with a smile, yet his voice was icy. “I agree with my wife.”

“Shaun, are you trying to make my blood boil?” Old Master Hill’s voice quaked.

“Grandpa, I initially didn’t plan to act in such a heartless manner, but you guys are too cruel,” Shaun replied nonchalantly.

“Shaun, I’ve never thought of attacking you with those photos. After all, you’re the grandson of the Hill family.” Old Master Hill’s voice was filled with helplessness. “You should know my ways. Even if I were to act despicably, I’d do it above board. I won’t use underhand tactics like this.”

“That doesn’t mean your other children and grandchildren wouldn’t do it,” Shaun responded coldly, “As you know, I’m the most brilliant lawyer in the world and I‘ve never lost any cases. Hill Corporation isn’t my opponent either.”


There was a moment of d**d silence on the other end of the phone. Old Master Hill asked weakly, “Under what circumstances will you give up? Tell me your conditions.”

“It’s easy. I just want your authority and shares. I want to call all the shots for Hill Corporation in the future. Also, don’t bother about my marriage and woman.”

Shaun said dully, “I believe you’re already aware that Shaunarah Corporation’s microchips have generated sales of 500 billion dollars worldwide within only three hours. What’s more, we’ve signed an agreement with a lot of foreign corporations to work together. Without the copyright for Oceanic Microchip, Hill Corporation will have to cease operating its electronics business worldwide. You guys need to recruit another team to develop the microchip, which is going to take at least two years. Two years later, will Hill Corporation still hold a place in Canberra?”

For a long time, Old Master Hill did not utter a word.

Hill Corporation was involved in various domains, including finance, insurance, and electronics. Due to fierce competition, however, it only occupied 20 percent of the market.

Furthermore, people like Spencer and Valerie had limited capabilities.

Other families would easily surpass the Hill family in half a year, much less two years.

“If you’re expecting my mom…” Shaun suddenly laughed and said, “Old Master Hill, to put it negatively, don’t you think that Liam and his mom overly favor the Campos family? 20 years ago, the Campos family’s property was worth only ten million dollars. Now, they have managed to make it into the top three wealthiest families in Australia with their existing property. Even my mom didn’t go as far in promoting her company.”


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