Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 435

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“Shaun told me that the Campos family has made it into the top three wealthiest families in Australia with their property,” Old Master Hill said all of a sudden.

Old Madam Hill was taken aback. “How’s that possible?”

“Do you still remember what the Campos family was like 20 years ago? I despised Mason back then. Although he’s musically talented, he couldn’t even fork out ten million dollars. Later, Lea insisted on lending a hand to the Campos family, and I turned a blind eye to it. If this is true, don’t you think that the Campos family has been hiding it really well?”

“Yeah. During the wedding the other day, Old Madam Campos kept grumbling to me about how badly their business was doing. She hoped that we could help her family out.” Old Madam Hill was filled with grimness.

“I used to hate Shaun for being incapable and ruining my dignity, which was why I let Liam manage Hill Corporation. But if I continue to let him help the Campos family, the Hill family will lose its status as the most brilliant family very soon.”

Old Master Hill directly called the lawyer. “Come here.”

In less than 12 hours, news that Old Master Hill transferred all his shares and authority to Shaun had spread throughout Canberra.

The Hill family’s descendants were the first to look for Old Master Hill.

Valerie was the first to object among them. “Dad, are you senile? How could you possibly let Shaun take over Hill Corporation? Don’t you remember how he treated you previously?”

“What did you just say about me?” Old Master Hill was so furious that he felt like slapping her to d***h.

“Dad, I’m just afraid that Shaun will target me after he takes over Hill Corporation since he hates me.” Valerie wrapped her hands around Old Master Hill’s leg in shock. “Brother, Second Sister, say something.”

Spencer’s mouth twitched. “I’m not in conflict with Shaun anyway. Hill Corporation will be d**d in the water if we don’t let him manage the company. Everyone out there is treating our family as an object of ridicule. They’re waiting to see us collapse.”

“How dare you?! You’re dad and mom’s only son. We were supposed to pin our hopes on you, but you’re too incompetent,” Valerie insulted him.

“Shut up!” Old Master Hill turned his gaze to Liam impatiently. “What do you think, Liam?”

Liam clenched his fists. He had struggled a lot before he could gain his current position in Hill Corporation. Nevertheless, it turned out that Shaun was going to take over the important position in a few days. It was impossible for Liam to be fine with it. “Grandpa, is it okay for you to be threatened by Shaun like this? He’s been treating you without respect. Once he gains the leading position, I’m afraid he’ll despise you further. What’s more, he almost k****d his biological mom a few days ago. His illness has come back.”

“Exactly. How can someone with mental illness take charge of Hill Corporation?” Valerie quickly added.

“As much as I don’t want to come to this decision, do you guys have a solution?” Old Master Hill fixed his intent gaze on Liam. “I did offer you a chance, but you chose to expose Shaun’s mental illness to the public instead.”

Liam suddenly looked up with reddened eyes. “I didn’t do it, Grandpa. Someone is framing me.”

“What do you think, Mason?” Old Master Hill turned his sharp eyes to Mason all of a sudden.

Mason was momentarily stunned. He then muttered, “I’m not too sure about it…”

Lea could not help but say, “Dad, Mason usually dedicates his time to composing music. He doesn’t even care what’s happening between the Hill family and the Campos family. How could he possibly know anything about this? Also, Liam is my son and I understand his character. I’m sure it was someone else framing him this time.”

“In this case…” Old Master Hill took the cup of coffee and moved the lid. “That settles it. That’s that. There’s no use trying to incite me. In my eyes, nothing is more important than retaining the position of the Hill family as the most brilliant family in Australia.”

Old Master Hill had always been persistent.

Nobody had the audacity to talk nonsense anymore.

Bulging veins were visible on Liam’s fists.

After Liam left the house, he kicked the car door forcefully.

He took out his phone and called Charlie. “From now onward, Shaun is the main decision maker in Hill Corporation. When he gets back to the company, I’m afraid he might cancel the agreement between the Hill family and the Campos family, rendering the five benefits invalid.”


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