Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 436

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“What?” Charlie shouted in rage, “I’ve invested so much in its production and now you’re saying that I’m going to suffer a great loss?”

“What great loss? Haven’t you reaped enough profits before this?” Liam rubbed his temples. “Besides, tell me the truth, did the Campos family leak the photos of Shaun’s past?”

“Are you crazy to have believed Catherine? How could an outsider like me get my hands on those pictures?”

Liam remained silent as the image of a man popped into his mind. On second thought, it seemed impossible that Mason Campos who had always been indifferent to these affairs would do something like this. “Anyway, everyone in the Hill family suspects that I was the one behind this. Shaun will destroy me the second he regains the upper hand.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll get your mom’s shares in the end somehow.”

Charlie ended this call and made another one right after. “The plan failed.”

“Hmm, I underestimated Shaun and Old Master Hill’s courage. Not to mention that Catherine woman.”

Charlie narrowed his eyes. He had looked into Catherine’s background before. This woman had only recently become the chairwoman of Hudson Corporation. She was only a hillbilly from a small place like Melbourne. However, during yesterday’s live stream, the woman maintained a calm composure while speaking to the entire nation of Australia—not to mention her sharp and incisive thinking while challenging the most powerful Hill family.

It was not exaggerating to say that Catherine had led Shaunarah Corporation through this crisis while Shaun was sick.

For some reason, he was reminded of his fiancée, Melanie. They were stepsisters from the same father yet the latter was like an idiot.

“What’s next?”

“Fortunately, I have a backup plan. It’s time to deploy her to the battlefield.”

“Okay. I have absolute trust in you.”

Charlie replied humbly. He found the other person’s strategic thinking extremely impressive. Undoubtedly, the Campos family would become the most powerful family in Australia in no time.

The age of the Hill family… was coming to an end.

The following day.

Old Madam Hill personally delivered the share ownership transfer form to the seaside villa.

Upon entering the house, she noticed there was no one else in the house except Aunty Yasmine who was vacuuming the floor.

“Where’s Shaun? Is he out?”

“Eldest Young Master and Young Madam have gone grocery shopping at the nearby supermarket.” Aunty Yasmine put the vacuum away to greet the old woman.

“Grocery shopping?”

The words escaped Old Madam Hill’s mouth almost like a scream. She would never believe her grandson had stepped foot into a supermarket if she did not hear it with her own ears.

“He just had an episode two days ago. He should be resting at home. Why didn’t you stop him from going out?”

“Don’t worry, Old Madam. Eldest Young Master Hill has cheered up thanks to Young Madam’s companionship.”

Before her voice trailed off, joyous laughter could be heard coming from the outside.

Old Madam Hill looked over to the French windows. A young couple holding hands was walking toward the house. Catherine’s long hair hung loosely over her shoulders. Her good figure could be seen despite the wide-leg jeans and black T-shirt she was wearing. She also had on a pair of white canvas shoes. She looked neat and cheerful. Next to her, Shaun looked handsome and happy in white casual sportswear. He was holding two shopping bags with a charming smile on his face. The couple looked like blissful newlyweds. In particular, he did not look like someone who just had a relapse in mental health.

The old woman was completely stunned at the sight of him.

It had been so long that she could not remember the last time she saw him this happy.