Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 437

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Old Madam Hill had even prepared herself for Shaun’s hostility on the way here. It was certainly out of her expectation to see him in this calm and cheery nature.

The young couple noticed the old woman when they entered the house.

Immediately, the smile on Shaun’s face disappeared. His eyes revealed indifference and defensiveness.

Old Madam Hill felt as if a needle had poked her heart.

“Hello, Granny,” Catherine greeted the elderly woman gently as if nothing unpleasant had happened between them before.

The old woman only gave her a cold glance, refusing to comment.

A shadow veiled across Shaun’s face. “If you’re here to be rude to my wife, then please leave.”

“You…” Old Madam Hill stammered out of rage. “I’m your grandmother. Will you only be happy after I d*e?”

“All I know is the Hill family was the one who poured salt on my wound. I would’ve been forcefully trapped in the mental hospital if not for Cathy.” The corners of his lips twitched into a sarcastic smile. “If you all still see me as family, then the least you can do is to show her some respect.”

Old Madam Hill appeared frustrated.

Catherine said softly upon seeing that, “Granny, I should be the one feeling angry because my face is d********d thanks to your family. Do I deserve all the bad things simply because I don’t come from a background as powerful as the Hill family?”

Old Madam Hill parted her lips to say something but Shaun interrupted before she had the chance. “I’ve been the one pestering her since the beginning so stop assuming that she’s a scheming woman. She had no idea of my identity when she first met me. I also dated Melanie later on simply to make her jealous.”

“How could you do that to Melanie?” The old woman’s voice revealed her displeasure.

“If you like her that much, then take her in as your granddaughter.” Shaun’s eyes appeared cold as ice.

“I only did those things for your own good. Melanie’s a good girl—”

“And Cathy isn’t?” he interrupted impatiently in a stern voice, “They’re both Joel Yule’s daughters. What did Cathy do wrong? Did she choose the family she was born into? She had never experienced her father’s love since young but now that she has finally reunited with her father, everyone is looking down on her. As a matter of fact, she’s older than Melanie and her mother was one who had been abandoned. She’s the real victim here.”

Old Madam Hill had no words to argue back.

Upon sensing the awkward tension in the air, Catherine suggested, “It’s almost noon. You two should catch up and I’ll head over to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Granny, please stay for lunch.”

“If you’re only staying so you can continue attacking my wife, then it’s really not necessary,” Shaun said flatly.

Old Madam Hill felt extremely embarrassed at the sound of that. “Do you think that I—”

“Shaun, it’s not easy for Granny to make such a long journey at her age. You’d better keep quiet,” Catherine chided, and at the same time, she made things less awkward for the old woman.

Shaun snorted, and Old Madam Hill remained silent too.

After Catherine disappeared into the kitchen, Old Madam Hill instructed the lawyer to bring out the share ownership transfer form. “This is from your grandpa. You’ll have full control over Hill Corporation after signing this. Your grandpa and I will not interfere with the corporation’s matters from then on.”

He signed the papers without hesitation. “Not only hasn’t Aunty Valerie improved the business in Hill Insurance since she took over, but the sales have reached a new low. She should retire early, sit back, and enjoy the annual bonuses at home.”

The old woman appeared startled before shouting, “Are you doing this because she caused Catherine facial disfigurement…”

“So what if that’s true? You tolerate her even after she caused harm to someone else simply because she’s your daughter. But she’s not my daughter,” he replied indifferently.

“But she’s your aunty, after all…” Old Madam Hill let out a long sigh. “Besides, her sales did improve last month…”